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6 Nov. 6pm for 7pm GC Annual Members Meeting Bristol
 7 Nov 2015 GC ‘Joy in Enough’ day conf Bristol
30 Jan: Ecocell/Way of life events at London

10-12 June:  2016 Green Christian Retreat

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Report on
CEL's Annual Members' Meeting
'Journeys in carbon-free discipleship'

Saturday 6 November 2010, - 2pm to 5pm, St Mary's Church, Eversholt Street , London NW1 1BN

(See also report in Independent Catholic News)

Over 40 members of CEL met on 6th November to try out the new ecocell 2 material. Here we are testing the introductory unit. We have been asked to draw our vision of "Shalom", of how we would like the world and  life to be in ten years time and to imagine where ecocell will be leading us. This was interpreted in many ways and led to animated discussion.

One Vision   Another Vision

One vision                            Another vision

Third vision

Third vision


Sharing ideas


Below is the programme of the afternoon, which ran as planned.


The AMM is followed by an opportunity to take part in

a trial run of the Introductory Module of
ecocell 2 -- Journeys in carbon-free discipleship

Guest speaker: Jo Rathbone, CEL Trustee and former Eco-congregation co-ordinator.

We know that the threats of our changing climate, to biodiversity and to our global ecology, have not 'gone away' just because the media are giving them less attention this year. We know:

  • that action is required at the personal, parochial and political levels;
  • that we must hold our leaders to account;
  • but we cannot just 'pass the book' of environmental responsibility up the chain to our political leaders.

ecocell is the CEL programme of personal, household and local action, undertaken in small groups.

It was launched last year, and the second stage - ecocell 2 - is being launched at this meeting, after a year long period of development work, involving over 20 people.

We see the new, expanded ecocell as quite unique. It is a Christian journey or pilgrimage to an actual destination -- sustainable living, undertaken over a number of years . It will be a challenging journey - but a rewarding one.

November 6 is your opportunity to 'sample' or try out this programme, and then, or afterwards, to make a decision as to whether you are willing to undertake this journey in discipleship in low-carbon living.

Plan of the Session on Nov 6:

  1. A Prayer to set us off on our journey - led by CEL Chaplain, Chris Walton
  2. An overview of the programme, of the journey ahead of us - led by Jo Rathbone (formerly co-ordinator of Eco-congregation). Jo will cover both the 'what' and the 'why' of the programme. (See programme structure below)

We then break into small groups, based on the regions that members come from.

  1. Group discussion: members asked to explore their own visions of the journey, and to consider the challenges that they, and their families, might face on the programme. Members can also ask questions about the programme at this point.
  2. Tea Break
  3. A briefing to the whole group on the carbon footprint measurement process that we will use on ecocell 2 .

We then break into small groups again

  1. •  Discussion of ground rules for group; of roles that different group members might take on, and other house-keeping issues.
  2. •  Within each small (regional-based) group, we check out if many members are actually committed to starting ecocell 2. If we find we have enough in any one group we make arrangements for meeting again and/or communicating through email.

Back into whole group

  1. •  Debriefing: your feedback on this introductory module - what went well, not so well? led by George Dow .
  2. •  Resolutions, intercessions and closing prayer. - led by CEL Chaplain, Chris Walton

We welcome all on board the ecocell voyage, on some stage of the journey - even those of us who see ourselves as 'environmental sinners' now! Or, in the true Christian spirit - especially the sinners.


Basic Programme Structure of ecocell 2

The units or modules:

  • Introductory Unit
  • Core module - the base camp that we return to after each of our explorations; where we support and challenge each other - and have fun. The other modules can be introduced as members are ready to explore how best to reduce their emissions in particular areas. They are:
  • Food - learning to nourish ourselves in a sustainable way
  • Energy Use (in the home) - learning sustainable ways of providing light and warmth
  • Travel (personal) - learning to appreciate A as a good place to be; so that when we travel it is for a good reason
  • Other Stuff that we purchase or consume - refuse more, so that we have less refuse.
  • People Power - influencing the practices of the Public Services and other organisations that impact, significantly, on sustainability.




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