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CEL Annual Members Meeting and Conference
14 July 2001

Well over 60 people attended the meeting, which was held in the informal setting of the hall of Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London.

John Gordon of UNED UK urged CEL members and churches to promote interest in the coming Earth Summit to be held in Jo'burg, South Africa in late summer 2002. (In 1992 World leaders from over 100 different countries met at Rio to discuss Sustainable Development… Our Agenda21 activities sprang from this).

The Earth Summit involves people at two levels: Governments and Ordinary people through NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations). Churches are very important NGOs. He urged us to get involved by writing to our MPs to tell them of the importance of the Earth Summit. He told us that discussions were going on with one or two church organisations to make a series of TV programmes about the Earth Summit available on video.

Rev Chris Brice gave the keynote talk on the Church the City and the Environment. He pointed out the importance of Policy in planning and then went on to talk about the "Christian" part of our Christian Ecology Link - which is our policy and motivation. He said we should consider Jesus' advice to "Fast and Pray", and that great social movers in the past such as Florence Nightingale, William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King had devoted much time to prayer and bible study.

Rev Elizabeth Rundle led the closing service. The service sheet is available for others who wish to have a short service preparing for the Earth Summit 2002 and will be distributed to members with the next issue of Christian Ecology Link's Bulletin in September

People from a whole variety of denominations and interests were present.. from Salvation Army to Catholic, from one man from an organisation concerned about the situation of British farmers to another with concerns about Christian involvement in anti-globalisation efforts.

Tim Cooper, in his chairman's Annual Report thanked Raymond Tringham for all the valuable work he has done for CEL as CEL's Treasurer over many years. Raymond is retiring from this important post and John Davis is the new Treasurer.

Several people responded to Tim Cooper's requests for help in CEL's work, but we still need many more volunteers.

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