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Renewables and refreshments’ was the theme of a gloriously sunny eco-walk on Sunday 13 July in Baildon, Bradford, and Yorkshire.

Methodists, Anglicans and Catholics took part. It was run by the One World Group of Churches Together in Baildon.

Sixty people saw three different sources of renewable energy, and then refreshed themselves with tea and buns.

The group gathered at St James Anglican Church, the white church on Otley Road, Baildon. There, they were met by Michael Overton of Wales, Wales and Rawson, the architect of the building.

"The church was transported up from Essex at the beginning of the twentieth century", he explained; "now it had moved again. It has new geo-thermal under-floor heating using brine pumped up pipes 70 metres deep down into the earth. It uses the earth’s heat to keep the worshippers warm. There are no radiators; there is very effective insulation. For every one kilowatt of electricity used by the pumps, more than 3 kilowatts of heat is delivered."

Following a green pennant (flag), the group then walked to two homes of Methodists to see solar renewable energy.

Solar thermal panels on the roofs heat an antifreeze solution. In summer virtually no gas is normally needed to heat domestic hot water. Also demonstrated were photo-voltaic tiles and panels that generate electricity for these Baildon homes. One of them generates enough electricity from its roof to almost cover its total electricity usage for the year.

John D Anderson, the organiser, who is the Eco-officer for the Shipley-Bingley Methodist Circuit, said,

‘Today the churches have led the way in showing that renewables work. These energy sources are in our midst giving out very low carbon emissions and showing how all buildings ought to be designed. The new Baildon Community Link on Cliffe Avenue will incorporate renewable technology. Planning regulations should insist on such installations as conditions for new-builds.’

John Anderson, left, explains how the tiles work.

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