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Bradford Cathedral Earth Care Conference

Climate change, sea level rise, species extinctions and how the church should be a voice for care of the earth: - topics raised at:

Bradford Cathedral's first ever conference on the environment, on Sat 3 June 2006, and attended by people from all the major denominations, and from the far ends of the diocese over 45 miles away (by train and minibus)..

National speakers included Claire Foster (C of E National Environment Officer), David Shreeve (Conservation Foundation), Laurie Michaelis of Quaker Living Witness project and Dr John Biggs (chemist and former moderator of Free Church Council). Annie Mawson from Penrith played the Celtic and the Concert harps beautifully.

celtic harp

David Shreeve was able to give advance notice of the Shrinking the Footprint Project which will be launched on 5 June (World Environment Day). .
All C of E churches and church offices and bishops houses have been asked to submit their energy bills for 2005 and then again in 2006 or 2007 so that the churches can record whether they are using less energy.

Dr John Biggs listed many environmental problems and concluded:

"While rejoicing that there are so many organisations that
are concerned for the care of creation that are Christian-based,
why is it that we have so much difficulty in getting our fellow
church members involved and active? It is so urgent a task.

Some say it is because the problems are so huge and what
little we can do is ineffective. I have said it before,
and I say it again: if you feel like that, you have never
been in bed with a mosquito. With many of us making this
part of our everyday living we can make a difference."

Revd Sam Randall (Bradford Diocese World Church Officer) urged churches in the Diocese to consider entering the EcoCongregation Scheme and Clare Hyde told of the stimulation and encouragement her church at Hurst Green had had through doing it


Some extra points:

1. Bryony Partridge of Oakworth sold EarthCare bags (£2-00) and encouraged people to campaign against using plastic bags.

2. John Miller of Yorwaste told fascinating facts about where our waste goes to in North Yorkshire (e.g. green glass to Spain and gave practical advice on not mixing glass, not putting lids in with plastic bottles, and collecting aluminium to raise money for charity. (The picure on the right shows the Yorwaste workshop)

3. Dr John Biggs pointed out that we are using two and a half times as much resources as the world is capable of giving – and that top soil is being lost. He urged the church to be a voice to encourage the government to look after the world for future generations.

Herb Robert4. Bradford wild flowers collected between Forster Square Railway Station and the cathedral were displayed on the alter rail:
Herb Robert (pink), Ivy-leaved toadflax(purple) and Oxford ragwort (yellow)… J.Allinson said. “I think of these as the lilies of the field.. It is good to know the names of local plants."

5. Laurie Michaelis of the Quaker Living Witness Project, talked about the value of being in a group when trying to change one’s lifestyle. He got the audience participating