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Bradford Diocese Environment Motion

At the Bradford Diosesan Synod in March 2002 a motion about the environment was passed.

Mr G Carey of Bingley proposed the Motion and Revd Canon R S Anderson seconded the Motion.

Charles Secrett, Director of Friends of the Earth, introduced the issues.

The Motion is:

This Synod affirming its belief and Trust in God the Father who created the world, calls upon the Church at all levels to address seriously and regularly the issues of life on earth and in particular, to:
  1. Use appropriate means available to alert parishes to the overall ecological threat.

  2. Encourage Christians to consider prayerfully an ecological theology which promotes sustainable, healthy and socially just technologies for all within regions and localities.

  3. Recognise the issues of the breakdown of life on earth, the closely related causes of global industiralisation and the need to act urgently to avoid irreversible decline.

  4. Adopt an investigative attitude towards technologies which widen the poverty gap and increase social injustice in third-world countries.

  5. Co-operate with Government agencies, political parties and non-government organisations which seek to replace the present system by one which is ecologically sustainable and socially just.

Judith Allinson, CEL's web editor writes: I found out about this motion two days after I had learned about the Baptist Environment Policy There is also a Methodist Environment Policy

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