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Campaign Against Climate Change Rally 2007

Videos online at Timesonline and Operation Noah

Link to a copy of the service sheet

Report of Day by Independent Catholic News

Right: Braving the elements to carry the Operation Noah Banner at the Climate Change Rally 8 Dec 2007 (Picture by Jo Rathbone)

The pictures below are taken by and copyright of Mark Boulton



Link to Lots more Pictures


Op Noah

020 7324 4761
01252 849904

mob: 07858 157839
mob: 07970 907784



Climate Service

St Matthew's Church,
20 Great Peter Street, London, SW1P 2BU

11am 8 December

from 10:00 am: meet for coffee at St Matthew's Church. Great Peter Street runs into Millbank where people will gather for the march.

11am to 11.45am: Service of worship before the climate change march. Organised by Christian Ecology Link, Operation Noah, EcoCongregation, and Student Christian Movement.

Come and show that Christians care about climate justice, for our children's sake, for the earth's sake, for God's sake! Can you help with serving coffee, singing in the choir, stewarding? Get in touch.


CAMPAIGN AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE events: 12:00 noon Assemble Millbank for main march [Westminster Tube] 2:30 pm Rally at US embassy. Speakers include George Monbiot and Caroline Lucas MEP. See more info at:


Studen Christian Movement


(Click here for Pictures from last year 2006)

(Click here for Pictures from 2005)

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