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  Climate Conference 3 June 2006 at LSE - some feedback written on 3 June.

Dear All. Today's conference at the London School of Economics drew excellent
speeches from Michael Meacher MP, Norman Baker MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Mark
Lynas (author of "Rising Tide") and others. Nearly all of them mentioned
"Contraction and Convergence" as a necessary ingredient of any equitable
international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Earlier I was in a workshop run by Aubrey Meyer who has been campaigning
for C and C for over 20 years. The first step under the proposal is to set
a global budget for annual greenhouse gas emissions, with annual reductions
in the budget. The only equitable measure is an equal share per person throughout
the world.
So the industrial nations must reduce their emissions to the world standard
or else buy permits to emit more than their fair share from countries which
emit less than the world standard. The latter group of countries will thus
be given the money to develop their own renewable sources of energy.
Up for negotiation will be:
1) The total world budget and the rate at which it will reduce;
2) The baseline date for the calculation. A fixed baseline date means that
countries with rapidly growing populations will not thereby be able to claim
higher allowances year by year. This was the question I specifically put
to Aubrey.

Further notes:
While world economic growth is running at roughly 3% a year, the damages
from Climate Change are (according the Insurance industry) growing at a rate
of 6% a year. Aubrey referred to this as "the economics of genocide".
As a South African he was in a good position to point out that Blame (eg
it's all the fault of the rich nations) must lead to Truth (that we are all
in this together) and finally to Reconciliation.

Other titbits from the conference:
World output of oil is currently 84 million barrels a day.
China's consumption of oil will shortly reach 99 million barrels a day
Finally, on the advertising industry: "Economic growth does not create happiness.
Unhappiness creates
economic growth." (Clive Hamilton)
Any feedback welcome! Philip.


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