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CEL Conference 2005 - 1 Oct 2005 - Andover

  1. Mini Report of what happened
  2. Action Points - Feedback from Discussion Groups
  3. Download Poster
  4. Conference programme

Mini Report of What Happened

LOAF Service organised by Christian Ecology Link and local people at Andover on 30 Sept.

LOAF stands for
Local, Organic, Animal Friendly and Fairly Traded.

The service was led by Rev Jill Bentall, a member of CEL, and members of Boys and Girls Brigade at the URC church
LOAF service


CEL's "Growing Green" Workshop Day on Sat 1 Oct enabled over 70 people to meet together. and share ways of to be active in making their churches grow greener

CEL stall  Local works campaign
1. CEL Stall    2. CEL signed up to support the Local Works Campaign

3. The Democs Card Game - a Discussion game    4. Peaceful Direct Action workshop

Demogs game  Non-vioelent Action workshop

Thank you everyone who came. Further notes on the conference will be added at a later date, including the list of suggestions for action by the different groups. Meanwhile here are four:

1. Resolve not to use a plastic carrier bag at a supermarket again
2. Resolve to have a ten minute period of solitude each day - OUTSIDE - under the stars/sky/on the grass
3. Change to a green electricity supplier and use the Operation Noah form so that CEL gets a donation.
4. Join a local or international wildlife charity. .

Download Poster for the Conference
(240KB pdf file)

CEL Conference 2005

Regional conference

United Reformed Church, Andover, SP10 1EY, Hampshire.

Saturday 1st October 2005 - - - 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

Growing green!

A day for Christians who want to help the church to care more for the Earth. Workshops, including one for young people, discussions and time to meet others of a like-mind. Open to CEL members and local groups, and anyone who longs for a greener church. CEL Annual Members Meeting 9.30 am . All welcome.

only £5

Booking form and more information on reverse. Bring your own lunch. Drinks available. For more details call: John Vivian 02392 422129 or Joyce Dinham 01264 357667,


This is a day for people who want to take action to ‘green' the church. It is primarily aimed at people in the southern half of the country, though people from other regions won't be turned away! The focus will be on group discussion. There's no main speaker, but plenty of active workshops and time to network and discuss the issues that concern us all. Regional environmental groups will have displays and stalls. The venue is Andover URC Church , East Street , Andover SP10 1EY .



A service of worship, ‘One Bread,' is being held at 7.30 pm on Friday 30 th September at the same church in Andover. The worship is based on CEL's LOAF principles for food: L ocally produced, O rganically grown, A nimal friendly and F airly traded. The preacher, Rev Jill Bentall, is an Anglican minister in Andover and a member of CEL. The 1 st Andover Company, Girls' Brigade are contributing with material from CEL's Ingredients for a LOAF Service resource.



9.30 am Annual Members' Meeting

10.30 am Networking Coffee break

11.00 am Workshops – Session One

12.00 Lunch break

1.00 pm Workshops – Session Two

2.00 pm Discussion groups

2.45 pm Tea break

3.15 pm Report on discussions

4.15 pm Closing worship led by

Rev Dr Derek Overfield , URC minister.



All are welcome to attend. Even if you are not a CEL member come and find out what CEL is doing to help the church grow green.


There is full access to Andover URC church for disabled people.


Andover railway station is 15 to 20 minutes walk from Andover URC church. Written directions will be sent to conference participants. If coming by car we recommend you use the nearby pay car parks.


Andover Tourist Information provides full details of hotels and guest houses in the Andover area. Tel. 01264 324320.


In addition to the workshops we are planning discussion groups in the afternoon. You will be able to choose your topic on the day. To help us plan please indicate on the booking form which topic interests you most.


To help the smooth running of the day we intend to allocate participants to workshops beforehand. We will do our best to put you in two of your first three choices. The workshops run twice.

How to start a local group

CEL's local groups co-ordinator, John Vivian, will give you loads of ideas and enthusiasm for starting a local group in your own area.

Young People's Forum (YPF)

Come and help members of CEL's YPF brainstorm ideas on campaigns to focus on with students and other young people.

Planning ‘Green' Worship

David Wrighton, a Methodist Local Preacher and Industrial Missioner for South Hampshire, will lead you to develop your own ‘green' worship with materials you already have available.

Spirituality of Christian environmental activism

Feel you are overwhelmed by the environmental crises we face? Chris Walton, former Baptist minister and editor of Green Christian , will lead a session to help you find ways and means to build spiritual energy.

Peaceful Direct Action

Malcolm Carroll, Baptist minister and now working for Greenpeace, will share his experience of taking peaceful direct action in these training sessions.

Speaking for CEL

Increasingly groups are looking for speakers who can talk about CEL and the links between Christianity and the environment. Judith Allinson, webeditor, and Barbara Echlin, secretary, will help you take on speaking engagements.


St Thomas ' Church, Salisbury , has gained an EcoCongregation Award. A group from the church will explain how they achieved this and discuss ways you can do the same with your church.

Democs debates

Everyone says ‘We need to debate the issues'. The New Economics Foundation have invented Democs, a conversation card game on a range of topics such as climate change, stem cell research and GM food. Come and find out from Lily Swan of NEF how to play the game in your own church groups.

Contact details for more information:

About Usrmation Officer, 3 Bond Street , Lancaster LA1 3ER. 01524 36241.

Telephone: John Vivian 02392 422129, or Joyce Dinham 01264 357667.


Download this information as a poster and booking form- fill in the booking form - put the poster up in your church!


Cost : £5 per person.

Please return this form with your cheque to:-

CEL Booking Secretary,

4 Spring Grove Walk, Burley, Leeds , West Yorks LS6 1RR .

I wish to book ……………. places at £5 per person.

I enclose a cheque for £ …………..

(Please make cheques payable to CEL.)


My/our priorities are:-

(Please number 1 2 3 4)

How to start a local group   box

Young People's Forum (YPF) (People under 30)

Planning ‘Green' Worship   box

Spirituality of Christian

environmental activism

Peaceful Direct Action o   box
Speaking for CEL   box
EcoCongregation   box
Democs debates   box


I/We can distribute publicity leaflets (Please specify number ………....)


I am a CEL member YES/NO

Please send CEL membership details   box


To help us decide which discussion groups to organise please circle those topics you would most like to discuss yourself:

nuclear power, renewable energy, climate change, transport (including airport & port watch), fluoridation, waste & recycling, phone masts, GM crops, food & farming, animal welfare.



Address ………………………………………….


Post Code………………………………………..

Tel. Number ……………………………………

Email ………………………………………………


Download Poster for the Conference
(240KB pdf file)

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