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Celebrating Daffodils

An Open invitation to all, Christian Ecology Link members and friends

7 April 2.30pm till 10 April

I am glad to invite you to the Fountaine's Hospital Chapel, Linton, near Grassington, North Yorkshire, on Saturday 7 th April 2007 at 2-30pm, or to call until Tuesday 10th April 2007, when we shall be celebrating the publication of William Wordsworth's well known poem 'Daffodils' at Easter 2007.

It will be the 200 th anniversary of the publication of Wordsworth's "Daffodil" poem in May 1807, in the two volume Longman edition of his poems.

It is also his birthday on Saturday April 7 th , the Saturday of the Easter weekend next year. We shall open the celebration at 2-30pm on Easter Saturday, with celebration drinks, a birthday cake, and an opening address by a well known biographer of William Wordsworth. You are warmly invited to the opening or to call in over the Easter weekend, to join with other members of the public.

Andrew Morton, the poet laureate, has said that whilst this is not Wordsworth's best poem, everyone knows it. We hope to keep the celebration simple, including daffodils of all kinds, including the splendid Lakeland natural variety, in the chapel, as a focus. There is good reason to mark the occasion, with William Wordsworth both visiting the Dales, and writing another celebrating poem 'The Doe of Rylstone', concerning a deer appearing at Bolton Abbey, after the fall of the Norton family of Rylston, and families in Threshfield, Cracoe and surrounding villages here. He also wrote verse concerning Malham and Goredale Scar.

The trustees of the Palladian style, Fountaines Hospital Chapel in Linton, have welcomed this community project, in which the churches are participating with others. The chapel and hospital here, were built after the Plague and Fire of London, when Richard Fountaine, a locally born undertaker had amassed a fortune, having caught the plague and recovered. This enabled him to develop his business with immunity and like Dick Whittington, live in London . He built two sets of accommodation for senior citizens in thanksgiving. The chapel, at the centre of the continually used residences, is regularly used here by the whole community, for the eucharist, prayers and evensong. It will be the location for our:

"Celebrating Daffodils".

We shall display the different varieties of daffodils, grown by members of the village here. Using natural varieties of daffodils in the hedgerows is an issue here. We shall also remember the Wordsworth circle of friends, poems and personalities, including a friend of Coleridge, who was instrumental in advocating the anti-slavery legislation which was eventually passed through Parliament. It's first attempt failed, because most MP's left the house to attend a London entertainment, the night the first vote was due to be taken! We hope our children will also help in building an Easter garden, where the message of Easter can be prominent, in the celebration.

You are warmly invited, to join with us, during the Easter weekend, 2007.

With good wishes,

John and Rita Bennett, Linton.

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