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Recent Bradford Diocesan synod at Tosside 21 June 2008 - had and environment motion

More pictures and a description of the day


Althea Shevill (right) organised LOAF food.


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Recent "Energy Day" of EarthCare at Gibson's Mill -Oct 2007

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Light Bulb Project -
Light Conversion!
A Flyer and and Order form for ecological light bulbs made locally.

  1. Next EarthCare Meeting -
    The next meeting of the Earthcare group is at the Christ Church Church
    Hall adjacent to said church in Skipton (on the Keighley Road just out of the centre)
    at 11 am on 16/03/09. (coffee/tea provided).
  2. NEW! - April 2008 - Bradford and the Dales -Diocese Green Fund - Carbon Offset Poster - as pdf file 286KB - or as powerpoint slide -2.6MB

    Please make cheques payable to "Bradford Diocesan Board of Finance", marked for the “Bradford & Dales Green Fund”
  3. NEW! - February 2008 - Bradford and the Dales Earthcare Partnership -
    A celebration of Earthcare in Bradford Diocese - a pdf leaflet with pretty pictures for you to print out and put in your church.

  4. The Earth Care Team welcome new members.
    You are also welcome to be put on our NEWS email list - ask to subscribe


Past events:

  1. 16 June - Bowland Deanery synod had an Eco theme.
  2. 21 June- Diocesan Synod at Tosside had an eco-theme. Mark Dowd from Operation Noah was speaker. The meal servd followed LOAF principles, so that ingredients where possible were at least one of the following:- Locally produced, organic, animal friendly, Fair Trade
  3. Sean McDonagh Talks at Bradford - 29 January - Climate, Environment and Faith

  4. EarthCare Trip to Gibson's Mill at Hebden Bridge - Sat Oct 13 th : There were workshops on energy and a guided tour of this 19th-century cotton mill, renovated as a model of sustainable development and that sits at the heart of Hardcastle Crags.
  5. 2007 Diocesan Day at Bradford on 28 April: Theme "Church in the Community" includes "Care of the Environment workshops". Speakers: Elaine Storkey, and Alison Adam from Iona. See report of the CEL stall and the Diocese Website Description

  6. Buy Earth Care cotton bags
    Earth Care bags for sale - Fairtrade, organic cotton - Campaign against waste of plastic

  7. EarthCare Conference in Skipton October 2004

    Other Green Activities in the Bradford Diocese Area

  8. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust "Churchyard" Seminar at Long Preston churchyard May 2005
  9. A challenge: Global Warming:- what we can do - Bentham Local Action for Justice and Peace - Oct 2005 and Growing with Grace visit for Apple Day.

What is Bradford Diocese Earth Care?

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What Is Earth Care?

The Earth Care team is a team of people in the Bradford Diocese set up to help the Churches take more regard of the Christian Responsibility of looking after God's Creation. It is an ecumenical team but expenses are paid by the Church of England.

Who can join?

Anyone who is concerned about care of the environment and involved with a church please do contact us.

What are its past activities?

2004: Earth Care Conference in October in Skipton, attended by over 135 people. See original web page
Buy Earth Care cotton bags2005: Ecocongregation workshop
2006: EarthCare Conference at Bradford Cathedral
2006: Sold EarthCare bags
2007 Diocesan Day -April Had Environment theme
2007 Energy Day at Gibson's Mill
2008 Talk by Sean McDonagh at Bradford University
2008 Diocesan Synod at Tosside - LOAF meal. Mark Dowd of Opearion Noah as Speaker.


When does it next meet?

The next Earth Care Planning Meeting will be on

  1. Next EarthCare Meeting -
    T12 th November, Kadugli House, 10:00am


To find out more about Earth Care please phone Clare Hyde, Diocesan Environment Officer on 01254 878402 email

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