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This prayer was offered at a CEL Steering Committee meeting just before Easter 2007 by Miram Pepper. We would like to extend it to all who work for CEL.

Creator God,
who enlivens all things....

We thank you for your loving gift of creation, and for the gift of Jesus.

Thank you for Christian Ecology Link, a group of people who in response to your love have committed themselves to work together to help bring about your kingdom of justice, peace and flourishing on earth.

Thank you for the love, support and hope that these people bring to each other and to others, for the individuals here and for those not with us, for their vision, courage and witness as they follow on the path of the cross.

This work is not easy, and can be thankless and isolating. At times it even seems hopeless. In this age of war, widening social inequalities, worsening climate change, and of ever greater environmental destruction, help us to remember the resurrection.

Remind us that it is not so much how we understand the resurrection in the light of history, but how we understand history in the light of the resurrection.

The resurrection of Jesus shows us that the status quo can, must and will change. Amidst death and decay, we are witnesses to the coming of spring. We are convinced that another world is indeed possible. Help us to devote our lives to that vision, with joy, integrity and courage.

In the name of Christ.



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