The Cosmic Circle, Jesus and Ecology

Edward P. Echlin
The Cosmic Circle, Jesus and Ecology by Edward P. Echlin (Columba Press, 2004). ISBN 1 85607 451 X.           Price: 5.99           Date: 2004

The restoration of mutually supportive relations between humans and the earth is, the author says, the defining issue of this century. Jesus Christ is central in Christian ecology, and in all human and earth relationships. The book begins with some personal practice, and with a 'way of proceeding' in relating Jesus Christ to the earth. It discusses Jesus' Nazareth years, his work in family fields with seeds, food, and wildlife. There are chapters on Jesus' baptism, and the effect of Jesus on water; on his public ministry; his passion and death; and his resurrection 'filling all things' (Eph. 4.10). Jesus risen is present with us in the earth community today, inviting us to love, conserve and heal the earth. The book concludes with some practical suggestions, further resources, and a suggested bibliography.

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