Edward P. Echlin
Earth Spirituality by Edward P. Echlin can be ordered from all good bookshops or direct from John Hunt Publishing at: 46A West Street, New Alresford, SO24 9AU. Phone: 01962 736880 Fax: 01962 736881.

ISBN 1856084450.          Price: £5.99           Date: 1999

Earth Spirituality is the most profound book yet published on earth spirituality centred in Jesus. The author describes his own experiences within the earth community from boyhood in Michigan, through Jesuit years, to the environmental movement in the UK. He relates earth spirituality to Jesus on earth and as the beginning of the earth’s future. Edward Echlin connects spirituality with the ecological challenges of today and tomorrow, and with his own life in Yorkshire and Sussex. The book concludes with resources for action and suggestions for prayer and discussion.

‘A way of living gently with earth’s creatures, and a recovery of a dynamic sacramentality celebrating nature’s gifts... An Eco-spirituality shining out from every page.’
              Professor Mary Grey, Editor, Eco-Theology.

‘Edward Echlin makes connections that no Christian can afford to ignore ... timely in the face of a new millennium.’
              Fr Dermot Lane, President, Mater Dei Institute, Dublin.

‘Edward Echlin brings us from his deep theological experience a stimulating and fresh new look at why Christians should become involved in environmental stewardship. We must respond!’
              Prof. Sir Ghillean Prance, Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

‘Beautifully written ... desperately needed for today’s world ... informative, satisfying, and challenging.’
              John W. Rogerson, Emeritus Professor, Sheffield University.

‘Great wisdom from the most effective and persistent Christian voice for the earth. We should listen to what Echlin has to say or Christianity will cease to have any relevance to the modern world. It is already almost too late.’ John Seymour.

Dr. Edward P. Echlin is Honorary Research Fellow in Theology at the University College of Trinity & All Saints, Leeds, England, and is a keen organic fruit and vegetable gardener.

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