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  • Editorial: Quiet revolution of active redefinitions by Chris Walton
  • Caring for God's Creation: Twenty years of A Rocha - Dave Bookless
  • Out and About
    News items: The Arbory Trust, Anglican society for the Welfare of Animals, Energy study pack of Methodist Church, Living Witness Project, The hidden cost of bananas, and more.
  • A Year after Johannesburg: Dialogue for Redefinition - Many companies claim they are green - but is it true?- Mark Moody-Stuart. The following three articles are replies to this article.
  • Idolatry or the Invisible Hand - Alistair McIntosh
  • From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Accountability: the need for a rules based system - Sharon McClenaghan
  • Salt, Light and Mustard Seeds - Ernest Lucas
  • Letters:
    CEL history
    Let the whole creation praise God
  • Book Reviews
    Global environment Outlook 3
    State of the World 2003 - Earthscan
    Vital Signs 2003/4 - Earthscan
    Bringing the Food Economy Home: Local Alternatives to Global Agribusiness. H Norberg-Hodge, T Merrifield, S Gorelick.
    Looking Afresh: Sounding in creative dissent. Hugh Montefiore, SPCK
  • Peace Column - Stuart Hemsley
  • Resources for Parents and Children
  • CEL Bulletin
  • Resources from Christian Ecology Link


Green Christian  

Green Christian is the main publication of Christian Ecology Link and exists to debate environmental matters in a Christian context. Please feel free to contribute articles, opinions and letters to the Editor .
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LOAF food matters

No.53 Winter 2003
Sustainable Development: challenging the language and the mindset
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Theology, spirituality & Operation Noah
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No.50 Winter 02/03        Christian Perspectives on the World Summit

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No.34 Autumn 1997


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