Front cover of Green Christians - Summer 2000 Green Christians: The Journal of Christian Ecology Link.    
Issue 43: Summer 2000    


  • Editorial
  • News
  • Our Mother The Sea. - by Roger Lancaster
  • Waterpots - by John Miller
  • A Catastrophic Drought - by Nicholas Grey, Director of the Charity, Wells for India
  • Transfiguration, Water and Ecology - On 6th January each year Orthodox Christians celebrate the baptism of Jesus Christ.... with Christ's baptism all water is blessed.- by Jacob Dales
  • Blessing the Sea - The Annual Blessing of the Waters. This service takes place at the coastal fishing town of Whitstable in North Kent each year. - by Alex Bienfait
  • Letters to the Editor
  • GM Food and Churches - CEL contacted all the main denominations to find out about current thinking about GM food within the churches. Here is a summary - by Tim Cooper
  • Christians and Complementary Therapies - by Ann Wills
  • Places of hope - Green Space - A Horticultural Therapy Project - Three small and accessible sites in Burnley and Pendle, Lancashire by David Penny details
  • Seminal Books - by Edward Echlin
  • Abbey Diary - life, wildlife, and the farming crisis this spring at Minster Abbey, Ramsgate - by Sr Ancilla Dent
  • Famine and Global Warning - Global warming, agriculture in South Africa, and prophesies of famine found in the Scriptures - by Ivan Hague who is involved in marketing traditionally grown, organic food from small Third World farmers under the imbalifood label
  • Book Reviews - Environmental Outlook 2000 - The UNEP Millennium Report
    Does global Warming Matter? World Disasters Report, 1999 - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 1999
    Who owes Who? - Andrew Simms, Christian Aid, 1999
    Unnatural Disasters - Christian Aid, 2000
  • Peace News - by Judith Pritchard
    Poem: Two Birds - by Vesar, a teenage refugee from Kosovo, living in Kent
  • Bulletin - a double page to photocopy and display at your church with news and events.
  • Water Blessing Prayer - by Graham Arnold
Web Editorial for Summer 2000

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