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Issue 44: Winter 2000/2001    Green Christians cover issues 44


  • Editorial
  • News Page by Roger Shorter
  • Christians and World Population Growth by John Guillebaud, a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship
  • Refugees - Bad News or Good? by John Alleyne, an Anglican Priest who has encountered many refuges in the course of his ministry
  • The Lessons of History by Michael O Gara, A "Cradle Catholic who has campaigned against the ban on contraception
  • The Worth of a Mother: Counting the Silent Cost by Anne Thompson, who has spent a lifetime in midwifery practice and education in Africa and in Europe.
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Living Together by Raymond Tringham
  • CEL Conference by John Miller
  • Plea for a New Church by Rev Finley Schaef, president of the North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology
  • Seminal Books - The Cosmic Covenant by Robert Murray described by Robert Williams is Convenor of the Newman Association's Interest Group: Creation, Christians and the Environment
  • Book Reviews - Greening the Millennium by Sean McDonagh reviewed by Jonathon Porritt
    The Community Tourism Guide by Mark Mann - reviewed by Jonathan Inkpin
    Natural capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution by Paul Hawken, Amory B Lovins and Hunter Lovins reviewed by John Miller
    The Outrageous Pursuit of Hope by Mary Grey
    Playing Safe : Science and the Environment by Jonathon Porritt
  • Peace News by Judith Pritchard
  • CEL NEWS Bulletin - a double page to photocopy and display at your church with news and events.
  • St Francis of Assissi by Lucy Matthews

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