Green Christians: The Journal of Christian Ecology Link.    
Issue 48: Spring 2002    


  • Editorial
  • News Page by Roger Shorter
  • Land, vines and fig trees by Keith Innes
  • Reclaiming the land: Renewing Communities by David Penney
  • In church: Keep warm while saving energy by John Kibble
  • Housing Policy: The Exmoor Example by Stephanie Boucher
  • Letters to the editor
    Conservation in Churchyards in Herefordshire
    Globalisation is intrinsically unfair
    Woodlands burials question
    Organic smear campaign
  • The Celtic Tradition: Holy Wells and Celtic Saints by Sr Ancilla Dent
  • Obituaries
    J Neville Knox OBE, President of the Lord's Day Observance Society
    Ian Geary, Head Gardener at Lee Abbey
    Ron Wilson, Author of two books on Gardening for Wildlife, and CEL's leaflet"Twenty Ideas for making your garden more wildlife friendly"
  • Our place in God's environment - some personal comments by a campaigner for forest conservation by Tim Cadnam
  • Hymn Competition results by Judith Allinson
  • Lord of Land and Lord of Ocean - the winning hymn by Elsie Balme
  • Peace Page: Current Affairs and the Christian Mind by Stuart Hemsley of Pax Christi
  • Book Reviews
    Earth Summit 2002: a New Deal - Ed: Felix Dodds
    The Origins of the Organic Movement - Philip Cornford
    The Great Food Gamble - John Humphreys
    Choices at the heart of Technology - Ruth Conway
    Go MAD - Ed: The Ecologist
  • CEL NEWS Bulletin - a double page to photocopy and display at your church with news and events.
  • The Age of Healing by John Seymour

Copies of Green Christians can be obtained from Christian Ecology Link, 6, Bond Street, Lancaster, LA1 3ER, UK. For a trial copy of Green Christians (for people in the UK) please specify which issue is required and send an A4 size SAE and include four first-class stamps to cover costs - a bargain when the cover price is 1.50!

N.B. Future editions will cost £2-50 and it will then be necessary to send six first class stamps for a trial copy

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