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Green Christian
Summer 2011 Issue 71

Servantship not Stewardship

  • Editorial: Servantship not Stewardship by Chris Walton
  • 'Ruthless Anthropocentrism' of churches challenged - Ellen Teague reports on CEL's conference: The Age of Thorns
  • Barely an audible whisper? Martin Davis and Chris Walton comment on Peter Owen Jones' address at the conference
  • Poetry Please
  • Wisdom, warnings and Christian vision by Diana Schumacher
  • Finding the Still Point by Deborah Tomkins
  • Talking about Food by Alice Yaxley and Tim Watson
  • Social Ecumenism in an era of Climate Change by Geoff Smith and John Smith
  • In Transit: Emotional vulnerability and God's healing by Phil Kingston

Additional and extended articles:

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