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CEL ran a successful stall at Greenbelt 2004. A big thank you to the 12 members who came and helped, and also to all the people who visited it.

Sir Ghillean Prance (one of CEL's Patrons) gave a talk during Greenbelt on the importance of wildlife conservation. He came to visit the stand.

Jerry Barr, another member of CEL, was involved in the The Greenbelt Ethical and Environmental unit which is finding ways to make the running of Greenbelt more ecologically sustainable. Their statll - From cradle to grave, -- with wicker coffins and non-disposable nappies - was alongside the CEL stall

The Greenbelt Ethical and Environmental unit ran a sustainability workshop "One hour to save the world" which was attended by 118 people despite competition from the Archbishop of Canterbury!

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