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Harrogate and District Christian Ecology Link (HDCEL) is seeking new members, including those willing to help with meetings, outreach and the production of a brief occasional newsletter. No specialist knowledge is needed, just a willingness to help local Christians and churches appreciate and care for God's wonderful but threatened world. To learn more, ring George Dent on 01423 871616 or email geodent@surefish.co.uk .


Euro MEP David Bowe met Harrogate Christian Ecology Link - 29 Apr 2004

Harrogate Christian Ecology Link meet Labour Environment MEP David Bowe (right) Two days before ten more countries joined the European Community, Labour MEP David Bowe came to talk to HDCEL at Starbeck Methodist Church between Harrogate and Knaresborough.

He pointed out that 90% of the environment regulations and guidelines in UK are now set by the EC so that standards are continally improving.

Agreements are reached by consultations and consensus, rather than votes. This takes a lot of time negotiating.. but it is a good example to other countries Picture of the Green Christian Magazine that David Bowe is being shown above(rather resorting to wars).

One HDCEL member asked if more tax could be put on Aircraft fuel to help limit global warming. Mr Bowe said that taxation was the one thing about which individual countries were very protective - So no progress had been made towards this.

David Bowe used to be a Science teacher - before he becamse an MEP. He is one of the seven MEPs for the Yorkshire and the Humber Region

His March newsletter said"There is widespread scientific evidence that cod stocks in the North Sea are now just a tenth of the levels in the 1970s. Unless there is total co-operation on the new European agreement on quostas and measures to protect stocks, the only alternative may be a total closure of some fishing grounds...... and articles on battery recycling and the Tobin Tax
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