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The Christian Faith and the Environment
Hymn Competition Results

Note added April 2007: It is still planned to make a book with some of the entries. Meanwhile, each month some of the hymns are being put online
As announced on 8 November 2001 at the Settle Methodist Circuit Hymn Celebration at High Bentham, North Yorkshire.

Congratulations to all the entrants. There were over 80 entries, and a good number of very good hymns.

Open Class:
First Prize:
Mrs Elsie Balme of Cornwall
"Lord land and Lord of ocean" to the tune of "The carnival is over"

Second Prize:
Rev Rosalind Brown of Salisbury
"When we gasp in awe and wonder" to the tune of "Ebenezer"

Children's Class:
Joanna (9), Emily(12) and Sam (5) Crawshaw of Burton Leonard, near Harrogate "Praise him, Praise him, Praise the Lord, For the wonders of this world" to the tune "Twinkle, twinkle little star"

Local Class (Settle Methodist Circuit only)
First Prize: Mrs Mary Whitfield, of Lowgill,
"God's Goodness"

Second Prize:
Mr Roland Howorth of Rathmell.
Part of his hymn reminds us of environmental damaged being caused: "For many folk whose lands lie parched, The soil all blown away, Or fouled with noxious chemicals, Forgive us Lord we pray."

There were over 80 entries in this competition
For a more detailed description please contact the web-editor for a copy of the press release about the competition

There is a strong possibility that we will publish a book with some of the entries (permission having first been sought from the authors).

If you have written a hymn / Christian song about some aspect of the environment (trees..., plants..., animals..., fish..., weather..., soil..., work..., agriculture..., pollution..., care of the environment........, the struggle to live an honest life in the midst of corruption... ) that you could let us consider publishing in the book, please do send a copy. Also let us know if you have seen a suitable hymn written by someone else. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book once it is published, send an email

Below is the original entry form for the competition

Hymn Writing Competition
(Sponsored by Christian Ecology Link)
Here are part of the oringinal instructions for the competition. and we still welcome contributions that could be put into a forthcoming book.
The Christian Faith and The Environment
The theme the Christian Faith and the Environment is a broad one. The initial idea was to set the topic: Care of the Environment. We want you to write a song that is meaningful for people, that in some way praises God, or helps us get closer to God, and brings in the importance of some aspect of the environment and our responsibility for it.

However the "Stewardship" idea - that God has put us here to look after the world he created, especially for future generations, whilst very important, may not be not the only way of looking at the environment. You may have other ideas. - How God is with us during the problems of the Foot and Mouth Crisis - How some aspect of the beauty of the environment can bring us closer to God. How pollution is sometimes a direct result of our selfishness - How Saints in the past looked after animals - How Noah saved the animals. Whatever topic you choose, enjoy writing it! - and make it something that people will enjoy singing!

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