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Transport - A Journey to a Fairer Future

One hundred people came to Milton Keynes to the Conference on Transoport organised by Milton Keynes Christian Environment Group and Christian Ecology Link, on Saturday 22nd November 2008 at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone,

For many visitors it was also an opportunity to see the new town of Milton Keynes with its grid of fast roads.

For others an opportunity to visit an ecumenical church.

(See Conference programme)

Left: the audience.

Right the Panel:
1.Stephen Potter (OU)
2 Richard Lowden, Founder of Green Motion (Green car rental firm)
3. Ed Beale Transport Planner
4. Rev Stephen Mosedale - Chairman
5. Alan Francis, Green Party spokesman on transport
6. Michael Northcott, of Edinburgh University

Sephen Potter said:

"He (Jesus) talked more about money... how you use your resources and how you use the power you have with those resurces.. those principles are there... we need to work them through in the teaching programme of the church and in setting an example of what counts for responsible leadership "

  Michael Northcott described the difficulty for Priests of getting round two, three or four services in different places in a day. "The church does have a responsibility to lead..
Some very Orthodox Jews believe you shouldn't use a mechanical instrument on the Sabbath so they will walk to the Synagogue. Now do we live near enough our churches to walk or cycle to church? "


Milton Keynes display     This Electric bike means it is possible to cycle further than one's normal range.


Fast car on the road outside the church
Speakers and participants
CEL Annual Members Meeting in the morning   Service at the end of the day
Some comments by participants after the day:    
The anti-slave trade slogan of 200 years ago: "No sugar without blood." Today's version could well be "No oil without blood." P.    

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