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Must Read

This section of CEL's website comprises articles sent in by CEL members, sometimes written for their parish magazine, sometimes sent in to CEL's members' discussion group.

If you would like to use or quote from these articles please credit the author.

See also the Church-magazine section of the website which has useful very short articles written specifically for anyone to use in their church magazine.


Dear Natural World
by Audrey Bryant - Feb 2007
We take the natural world for granted, as a sort of 'given', a beautiful stage setting where our lives are acted out and which will be the setting for our children's lives too. Suddenly the media is coming over very heavy on climate change. Suddenly the government is putting taxes on air travel,... <More>
by Audrey Bryant - April 2007
. 'Imagine..17 years into the future, and share a brief conversation with our children and grandchildren as they are living their lives in the year 2024..Imagine now that they are asking us: "What were you thinking? Didn't you care about our future? Were you really so self-absorbed that you couldn't - or wouldn't - stop the destruction of the earth's environment?"...<More>
Cynicism is our worst enemy
by Audrey Bryant - June 2007
I made time to listen to this year's Reith Lectures* with difficulty but was glad I did. They were full of hope for our future but Jeffrey Sachs was not saying we can wait hopefully on the sidelines and see how things turn out; he said this was "not a spectator sport". <More>



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