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Omega Climate Change

The Omega Climate Change Group can offer the following materials:

The Climate Change Course in five sessions, each lasting one and a half hours. It was first used in 2007 and revised for 2008. We will be updating it again in time for Lent 2009 in the light of both recent developments and the comments we have received from groups who have used the course in 2008.

It has been used by both church and secular groups. We plan to have the revised course available in January 2009, but the 2008 course gives a sound idea of the ground covered in the course.

Developing a responsible Christian life style - the super mini version of the course. We are aware how difficult it often is to persuade people to turn out on a cold winter evening so we are planning to produce material which can be used in or after Sunday worship over five Sundays. The target time is ten minutes. It will be sharp and to the point and will include action to be taken before the next week. We also plan to have this available in January 2009.

The Carbon Trading Game is both fun and instructive. It is part of the longer course but is also available separately. It is an enjoyable way of learning how personal carbon trading could work. Available now.

Developing a responsible Christian lifestyle ­ one way of putting it into practice. A number of Carbon Reduction Action Groups (CRAGs) have sprung up which seek to support one another in reducing their CO2 emissions by careful and systematic monitoring of their fuel consumption and travel. This could be seen as stewardship of our emissions of CO2 similar to our stewardship of money. It seems a promising approach which we are exploring. Lent could be a good opportunity to set up such a group.

The first three are available from our website or contact or ring 0114 258 5248.

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