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Prayers for hope in the face of Climate Change 2

See also set of prayers at Prayers for Hope 1 and Prayers for Hope 3
and CEL's Community of Prayer

In his letter (#37) to people updating them about issues of Climate Change, David Hallman wrote:

Dear Friends, On February 16, 2005, the Kyoto Protocol came into effect as international law. On that occasion, Pacific Church leaders led worship at the WCC Central Committee meeting including use of the following prayer (excerpts):

Dear Father in Heaven,

You have created Mother Earth in a wonderful and awesome way. You are preserving this beauty of creation every single day thus giving us the rich base on which we can enjoy our lives.

But your creation is not just a gift to us, you have asked us to use it accordingly to your will and to fulfil our given responsibility to protect your creation against all destructive forces.

We are co-workers of yours.

We tend to forget this responsibility in our striving for a comfortable life. As a result, our planet with all its beautiful creatures and vegetation is suffering. If we do not change our lifestyle soon we, the people of the Pacific, will suffer the most.

The rising sea-levels, the increasing number of cyclones, the droughts, the pollution in our air, the increased extreme weather conditions - we can already feel it.

We pray these words knowing that our sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ all throughout the Pacific region join us today in this prayer of concern about your creation and of thankfulness for the coming into life of the Kyoto Protocol.

Let us raise our voices together in the ecumenical family in favour for your creation! Let us make the world community hear our environmental concerns and our suffering! Let us support projects that call upon Australia and the USA who are major producers of climate-change-gases and who have not yet ratified the Kyoto Protocol to do so in the near future!

Let us be advocates for our Mother Earth!

Let us be advocates especially for our precious and endangered Pacific Islands! Let us be advocates for our Vanua - the seas and the land! Let us not only talk about change, let us DO your word in our day to day lives! Please give us strength and courage to be workers and fighters for your creation before it is too late!


Joyce Dinham has sent in a beautiful Prayer "Be Content with what you have", a Meditation on a walk in the Downs and "Golden Ball - Reflections at sunset":

"Be content with what you have..."

Creator of the Universe,
Lover of all that you make,
We thank you for this marvellous world
Which you have given us for our home.
Help us to show our gratitude
As much by our lives as by our words.
We acknowledge that so often
Our best efforts are tinged with greed,
The desire for more and different things;
And, at our worst we wholly disregard
The needs of others in this world.
Our greed is nothing less than theft
From those who have no power against us -
People, animals and nature's store.
So much we once have done in ignorance;
In these days we have no excuse.
Continue, Lord, to open our eyes
To the enormity of our deeds,
And our hearts to the suffering and despoiling
Which those deeds have caused.
We ask forgiveness, Lord, from you;
From the children, women and men
Whose hurts have come from us;
And from every animal, plant and rock,
The skies above and the good earth itself,
Which nourishes and sustains us all.
By the power of your Spirit
May we change the way we live,
And walk again in your healing ways,
O Creator of the Universe,
And Lover of all that you make.

Meditation after a walk from Ashmansworth, Hants., 2nd May 2005

From this Down's height I see, circling the hills,
A living crown of trees in varied hues
Of green and white and red and brown.
Two larks ascending, carry their trilling notes
Heavenwards; and high above them floats
A buzzard searching for its prey.
Below us all, the valley lies,
Furrows shining green with shoots
Springing from their bed of earth
Richly brown and streaked with chalky white.
On higher slopes the rabbits sun themselves,
And, at a sound, run, into safe hiding-places.
A herd of deer, quiet and slow, moves along
Intent upon their grazing; and, almost at my feet,
Across the path a field-mouse scuttles.
The warm spring sun is cooled by a breeze,
Which pushes the layered clouds
Into the marvellous sky-scape
Of a perfect day in May.
I want to bow my head and lift my hands -
As signs of thanks and joy -
To the Creator of it all.

Then, on the far horizon of my mind,
I see an angry rising sea
Come from the distant melting ice.
It seizes sloping shores to take them to itself;
Then floods, with fingers long and strong
Reaching far into the land,
To make new shores, and lakes and rivers wide,
Ousting from their ancient habitation
The holy fellowship of plants and animals
And humankind.
Great winds and rains assist the probing seas
In the task of change. At intervals,
When they subside, the sun from cloudless skies,
Delivers the last transforming blows -
Which recreate, indeed, new heavens and earth
In place of this green English scene of early May.
Again I want to bow my head and lift my hands -
But now in fear and questioning -
To the Creator of it all.
I shout out "Why, O Lord?".
Swift and stark the answer comes,
"Ask that of your own kind! I have shown
to them - and you - the reason why,
and knowledge of the way to change the vision.
You must supply the will!!"

Once more I bow my head and lift my hands
As signs of sorrow and remorse;
I ask again, with now a whispered "Why?
Not just this valley, sweet and green,
but, Lord, in many lands
a million hills and vales,
so sweet also to those whose home is there,
are changed or lost through sun and seas;
and their inhabitants are innocent
of my offence against your world?"
Quiet and firm the answer comes.
"This knowledge is beyond your grasp;
your task is now to trust
and walk the two-fold way of love.
My Spirit gives you light and strength.
You must supply the will!!"

Golden Ball - Reflections at sunset, 25/5/05

My golden ball hangs by a golden yarn
From my wood-gold curtain rail;
It is half-obscured by the golden drape
With its pattern of golden sun-rays.
Behind it the fading golden sky
Is streaked with the grey of evening clouds.
And then I recall that my golden globe
Was formed from the glowing white-gold ash
Flung forth from the burning golden heart
Of bursting Mount St. Helen's.
The fading gold of the cooling ash
Turned grey like the evening clouds,
Until the skill of the maker of glass
Created my beautiful golden ball,
Which hangs from my wood-gold curtain rail.

I live on a wonderful blue-green ball
Enfolded by floating clouds of grey.
It hangs in space as it spins its way
Round the flaming sun which controls it all.
But the blue-green ball is changing now;
Its embracing clouds have lost their power
To guard from the magic rays of the sun,
Giving life or death to the globe below.
My kin and I have despoiled those clouds
By the ash we have flung from our oil-soaked hearts.
God strengthen our will to make clean again
Our blue-green ball, as it hangs in space
Like my golden ball with its golden yarn,
Which hangs from my wood-gold curtain rail.


The following prayer "Psalm of the Cosmos" is reprinted with kind permission from the prayers page of Web of Creation:

Psalm of the Cosmos

Loving God, loving God,
all creation calls you blessed,
and so do we, and so do we.

Loving God,
all your creation calls you blessed.
Your spirit imprints the whole universe with life and mystery.
Yes, all creation proclaims your love.
We now join this chorus of praise.

Loving God,
all of nature calls you blessed,
and so do we.

For you have woven an intimate tapestry
and call it life
and called it good.

In love you have formed a universe
so diverse yet so related,
and into its web you call us forth
to walk the land and swim the sea
with all our natural brothers and sisters.

To the stars
we seem no more than blades of grass.
Yet to you, each of us,
as each blade of grass and each star,
is an irreplaceable treasure,
an essential companion on this journey of love.

Loving God, as you lure the whole world into salvation,
guide us with your Spirit
that we might not be only pilgrims on the earth,
but pilgrims with the earth,
journeying home to you.

Open our hearts to understand
the intimate relationship that you have with all creation.
Only with this faith can we hope
for tomorrow's children.
Amen. Alleluia!

Loving God, loving God,
all creation calls you blessed,
and so do we, and so do we.

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