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CEL Press Release:

17 May 2006


Christians concerned about the ethical implication of nuclear energy are urging the Prime Minister to stop using his leadership power to determine energy policy and to show respect to contributors to the Government's energy review.

Christian Ecology Link's Chairman Tim Cooper said that the Prime Minister was failing in his Christian duty to act as a servant to the nation and was instead taking a disturbing authoritarian approach as leader. Dr Cooper said:

"The energy review was supposed to draw upon expert opinion to shape future energy strategy and be subject to democratic debate in Parliament. Instead the Prime Minister has sought to pre-empt the decision on nuclear energy through yesterday's speech to the CBI. We condemn this style of leadership.

We welcomed the Government's invitation to contribute to the energy review and, having offered a serious contribution to ethical debate, we now feel that the Prime Minister is treating us with contempt. If he wishes to revive democracy in Britain he should be patient, honest and respectful to those with whom his Government consults."

Christian Ecology Link's recent report Faith and Power, which called for a low consumption, non-nuclear energy strategy on ethical grounds, was submitted to the Government as its contribution to the energy review. The report was backed by leading church figures, including the Bishop of Liverpool, and Head of the Government's Sustainable Development Commission Jonathon Porritt.

Report available on website:

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