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CEL Small Projects Grants

Christian Ecology Link is offering a limited number of grants of £100 or £200 to projects which carry out CEL's aims in local churches. These are aimed at situations where a member of CEL is keen to get their church to carry out a small (or large) initiative to do with care of the Environment, and with CEL's aims, but where "lack of funds" may be given as a main stumbling block to action. If you have an idea, or if you are interested, please contact CEL for details.


  1. The project should carry out CEL's aims (To share Green Insights with Christians and Christian Insights with people in the Environmental Movement).

  2. The member of Christian Ecology Link, or the Church must have been a member of CEL for at least 9 months

  3. During the project the church/CEL member should be prepared to submit photos showing some of what is done during the project (for CEL's website), and write a short report about the project. (Hand writing on one side of a sheet of paper is fine, a word document is better.).

  4. Activities which might be eligible for a CEL Small Projects Grant include:-
    • Organising a service concentrating on Care of the God's Creation;
    • Maintaining the church in a more environmentally friendly way
    • Writing to their MP about an environmental issues
    • Supporting care of wildlife in the local area
    • Having a notice board to display CEL leaflets
    • Buying local /organic food for use at a church event and making a display about it
    • Organising a meeting to set up a local Christian Ecology Link group

  5. One reason for setting up this system is that in some churches CEL members sometimes find it difficult to get their church to carry out "Care of the Environment" Activities. If the church gives the reason/excuse for not doing it as "Lack of Funding" then the availability of a CEL grant may be the catalyst to get the project off the ground.

  6. This money is not intended as top up money for some other ongoing project.
We are look forward to seeing the results of your imagination!. If you have an idea that you think might qualify, please contact Information Officer, 3, Bond Street, Lancaster, LA1 3ER, UK. tel: 00 44 1524 36241


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