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Renewable Energy for Schools

CEL supports renewable energy initiatives wherever they can be safely, effectively and reasonably installed. Schools are an ideal place for renewables as it is our children's future world that is threatened by climate change. It makes perfect sense that a school, dedicated to the education of the young to enable them to participate fully in the world, should also be concerned with the world in which they are to participate. In addition, the initiatives should offer the opportunity for students to learn about these new technologies first hand. Schools, like churches, often have large roofs suitable for solar power.

Example of a church with solar panels -- If only the school opposite had adopted solar panels (BBC London report) on St Aldhelm's Church, North London:

Rev David Bolster says that the past year has been a revelation for him and his parishioners. He remains baffled that they remain at the forefront of deploying PV technology. There must be an argument for encouraging those with responsibility for constructing large public building projects like schools and hospitals to incorporate this technology into their design.

St Joseph's Infant School, Croyden, has renewable panels more

St. Faransis Assisi RC School in Chelsea entered an architectural competition for 'classroom of the furture' a few years ago. The architect was Studio e The builing has solar panels and a few other sustainable building materials/features. One CEL member who studied it as a project wrote:"To summerise; its a starting point, but far from


For details of the Eco-school programme in this country: For the international network:

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