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storm of hope

Christian Ecology Link presents 

Storm of Hope 

Saturday 7 th July 2007

Booking Form

(Download Booking form as Word document )

Cost : £12 per person for CEL members, £17 per person for non-members.

Please return this form with your cheque to:-
CEL Booking Secretary,17 Woodrows, Woodside, Telford TF7 5PG.

I wish to book ...... places at £.. per person.

I enclose a cheque for £......

(Please make cheques payable to CEL.)

WORKSHOP CHOICES (See below for more information)

My/our priorities are:-

(Please number 1 2 3 )

Each of the five sessions will run twice. Please select three in order of preference. We will try to give you your first two choices if possible. You may, if you wish, select only the mini-workshops and do a different mini-workshop each session. You may prefer not to sign up for an afternoon group session and instead continue in the church with individual contemplation/meditation on our day's theme.

A Mary Grey, 'The Outrageous pursuit of hope' .....

B Sarah de Nordwall, 'Poems and stories with a contemporary bard' ....

C Ann Pettifor, 'Operation Noah' .....

D A Rocha, EcoCongregation & Wells for India .....

E Mini-workshops ......


I am a CEL member YES/NO

Please send CEL membership details ......

Please tick if you can help on the day. ........




Address .................


Post Code.................

Tel. Number ..............

Email ...................


Christian Ecology Link, Registered address: 3 Bond Street , Lancaster LA1 3ER. (Reg. Charity No. 328744. Company Reg. No. 2445198.)

Afternoon workshops.

These are planned around the four themes of the day. Each session will run twice. Please make your choice and enter it above.


Letting loose hope :

  • Mary Grey will talk on 'The Outrageous Pursuit of Hope', followed by discussion.
  • Sarah de Nordwall is a bard with a bard school with a mission to entertain and energise through insight, humour and delight.  The 'Healing of the Cosmos' is not an impossible dream. Christ has obtained it, and in His work we participate. Come and experience how the poems and stories of a contemporary bard can evoke that glorious freedom of the Children of God for which Creation Waits. (Access via steep staircase.)

Empowering agents of change :

  • Ann Pettifor will brief us on Operation Noah's strategy to cut the carbon. She will engage with participants in discussing how the Operation Noah climate change campaign can be an agent of change locally, nationally and globally.

  • Three short presentations will be given, followed by discussion, on how we can be empowered to be agents of change from three different perspectives: Dave Bookless of ' A Rocha' for the natural world; Jo Rathbone of ' EcoCongregation ' for the local church; and Nicholas Grey celebrates 20 years of ' Wells for India' - work and prayer with Gandhian Partners. (Access via steep staircase.)

Pioneering practical discipleship and Equipping prophetic witness : A selection of mini-workshops are offered, so-called because the groups will be small. If you select the 'mini-workshops' option you will be able to choose on the day which one you would like to attend. Each session will last one hour.

The sessions include:

Practical ideas on taking action:

  • EcoTeams sample session.
  • How to set up a local CEL group: CEL's local groups co-ordinator John Vivian.
  • Working together: faith and secular: Roy Tindle of the London 21 Sustainability Network and London Churches Environmental Group.

Equipping our prophetic witness :

  • Explore how we read the Bible and our own prayer lives: Chris Walton.
  • Discuss earthing worship.
  • Breaking the silence: forum for writers, speakers and preachers, and those who'd like to give it a try: Paul Bodenham.




Christian Ecology Link, Registered address: 3 Bond Street, Lancaster LA1 3ER. (Reg. Charity No. 328744. Company Reg. No. 2445198.)

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