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Dear friends,

The new Operation Noah (ON) website is launched today:

Some of you have played an important part in helping us to put it together - for which we are most grateful. Please be aware that the site is still thinly populated with content - but that it is our intention for it to become fully interactive - and for more content to be added by our supporters.

You will see that the Operation Noah board, after much consideration and debate, will this weekend (at the CEL's Storm of Hope conference, and at the Methodist Conference in Blackpool) launch a radical campaign strategy, calling on government to implement a legislative framework for rationing and regulating carbon emissions. In particular ON calls for emissions to be brought down from an average of about 9.5 tonnes per person to a more sustainable 1.2 tonnes per person - by 2030.

This is indeed a radical, and ambitious target - but the board has become increasingly convinced that voluntary action - DIY 'Global Repairs' - is not adequate to the grave threat posed by global warming; and that more urgent, across-the-board action is required. In particular the ON board feels that only through a framework of law can the burden of sacrifice needed to reduce emissions be shared fairly and equitably across of all of society. For more detail on this campaign goal, please see the model letter for campaigners to send to the Prime Minister under the 'Latest Campaign Action' patch on the Home Page.

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