End of the Age of Thorns Conference

Christian Ecology Link Conference 5 March 2011
Photographed by (c) Judith Allinson (except where taken by George Dow)
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Busker 5March11 P1030977 P1030983 P1030993 P1030994
Busker 5March11.jpg
This photo by George Dow
P1030977.jpg P1030983.jpg P1030993.jpg P1030994.jpg
P1040005 P1040005a P1040006 P1040009 P1040012
P1040005.jpg P1040005a.jpg P1040006.jpg P1040009.jpg P1040012.jpg
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P1040014.jpg P1040015.jpg P1040017.jpg P1040026.jpg P1040027.jpg
P1040029 P1040030 P1040053 P1040054 P1040058
P1040029.jpg P1040030.jpg P1040053.jpg P1040054.jpg P1040058.jpg
P1040071 P1040072 P1040074 thorns-tc-poj-pb-copyright-cel Tim Peter Paul 5March11 b
P1040071.jpg P1040072.jpg P1040074.jpg thorns-tc-poj-pb-copyright-cel.jpg Tim Peter Paul 5March11 b.jpg This photo by George Dow
TimPeter Paul5March11 c        
TimPeter Paul5March11 c.jpg This photo by George Dow