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Tractors and Trolleys against GM

Demonstration in Central London. details Leeds FOE 0808 800 1111

CEL member Martin Haggerty from Scarborough and 19 others are making a personal pilgrimage to London travelling by foot, tractor and bike for this demonstration, where they will join hundreds of other consumers, environmentalists and farmers

Martin Haggerty writes to CEL members and others who may wish to think of him or join him:

    This is the route of my "pilgrimage to a GM-free Britain", which I shall be walking in its entirety. I would be delighted to meet any CEL members at these places. If anyone is interested in seeing me, please let me know before I set off.

    Best wishes, Martin.

(1) Saturday 27th September: Scarborough - Nafferton

(2) Sunday 28th September: Nafferton - Hull

(3) Monday 29th September: Hull - Caistor

(4) Tuesday 30th September: Caistor - Donington-on-Bain

(5) Wednesday 1st October: Donington-on-Bain - Horncastle

(6) Thursday 2nd October: Horncastle - Lincoln

(7) Friday 3rd October: Lincoln - Sleaford

(8) Saturday 4th October: Sleaford - Bourne

(9) Sunday 5th October: Bourne - Peterborough

(10) Monday 6th October: Peterborough - Huntingdon

(11) Tuesday 7th October: Huntingdon - Cambridge

(12) Wednesday 8th October: in Cambridge

(13) Thursday 9th October: Cambridge - Saffron Walden

(14) Friday 10th October: Saffron Walden - Bishop's Stortford

(15) Saturday 11th October: Bishop's Stortford - North-East edge of London (probably Epping or Waltham Abbey)

(16) Sunday 12th October: North-East edge of London - Central London

(17) Monday 13th October: Tractors and Trolleys Parade

details Leeds FOE 0808 800 1111
Tractors and Trolleys parade

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