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Three titles - but about the same thing!

Agenda 21 was the name of one of the documents adopted at the Rio Summit in 1992.

This year's Earth Summit in Jo'burg in August and September will be reviewing the progress made.
Three titles - but the same thing!

All over the world local authorities have been drawing up programmes for environmentally responsible development for the 21st century: Local Agenda 21.

Most councils in Britain have done this and in some cases local churches have been closely involved. In others, churches seem to have been left out. But things are changing - including the names.. This may cause complications but it does bring new opportunities.

An Act of Parliament now requires all authorities to have a local strategy for social and economic well-being which must contribute to sustainable development and to consult local people and community groups about this strategy. Local Agenda 21 now becomes part of this strategy. Government guidance has drawn attention to the importance of involving faith communities.

Is your church or your local Churches Together involved? If not find out about what is happening in your area; there will be some activity under one title or another. (One London borough is using the title Future Network!) Some larger authorities have set up more local groups areas called Neighbourhood Partnerships or Forums.

Don't be put off by this question of titles. If there is no sign of Local Agenda 21 in your area, ask your local councillor what the council is doing about sustainable development or community strategy. And when you or you church group get involved, try to see that the emphasis is on the sustainability rather than the development. There are some ideas in the CEL leaflet "Your Church and Local Agenda 21" (We shall be revising this sometime, but much of it still applies)

St Osmund's Church, Derby organise a litterpick beside the canal each year in April. This year it is on April 13th

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