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Catholic consultation:

April 2009: The Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales plans to issue a new document on social teaching.

CEL has responded to their consultation on what it should say:

'The Church's critique should extend well beyond 'environmental justice' ... We urge the Bishops to interpret afresh for our extraordinary times the hard teachings on desire given by the pioneers of the Desert and the Doctors of the Church.'

Click here for the full response.

Sean McDonagh at Bradfrod

Sean McDonagh talks at Bradford 29 Jan 2008


CAFOD response
to government Climate Change Command paper

28-30 Sept 2007 Sound of Many Waters   Clifton Cathedral,   Clifton Park, Bristol BS8 3BX The Cathedral will host a range of talks, workshops, stalls, music, liturgy and debate about the role of the Catholic Church in the environmental movement.

29 Sept: First Sound of Many Waters Supporters and guests will be present to open our year of environmental action with special messages. Keynote speaker is Bishop Chris Toohey, of Wilcannia-Forbes in Australia, Chair of Catholic Earthcare Australia , and an inspirational environmental campaigner. Sound of Many Waters is a year-long series of events celebrating Catholics and ecology - 0117 973 8128 Clifton Cathedral, Clifton Park, Bristol BS8 3BX


Visit the Live Simply Website Feb 2007

Churches urged to fight global warming Report of 30 Oct - London - Fr Sean McDonagh , Bishop George Stack, auxiliary in Westminster, Fr Joe Ryan, Westminster's Coordinator for Justice and Peace and parish priest at West Green.

What would Jesus drive? Article April 2006 - Clifton Diocese

Catholic Church launched a new environmental justice paper on 8 Aug 2002

Costing only £1-30 and with a beautiful cover (in 2002 at least), "The Call of Creation" aims to lay out Catholic Teaching on care for the environment and has been produced by the International Affairs Dept of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. details 020 7901 4800

Environment Consultation Meeting
for the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales
held on 2nd November 1999 in London.

This was attended by about 18 people, mostly Catholics with a strong interest in the environment. A discussion/workshop was held on the theme "What should the Catholic Church be doing in the field of the environment" (though not these exact words). Bishop Kelly chaired the meeting. At the end of the meeting Bishop Kelly, Fr Frank Turner and Sr Denise Calder made a written summary of the contributions given during the afternoon.

Sister Denise Calder, RSCJ has been appointed Secretary to the Environment Committee of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. She can be contacted on email via Fr Turner Sr Denise attended the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) assembly in Germany in October 1999

Events organised by Catholic Organisations

2 Dec Edinburgh

Lauriston Jesuit Centre, 28 Lauriston Street, Edinburgh EH3 9DJ , On Holy Ground - The Environment Series - First Talk: Alastair McIntosh & Vérène Nicolas -  A Spiritual Response to Present Times. Do visite their site - They have lots of speakers lined up for 2009.


Send us news of your events. also see the Whatson Page

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Resources list


Paint the Church Green - Book.
A group course by Ellen Teague (pub June 2008) - Six sessions.

Between the Flood and the Rainbow - Operation Noah Study guide on climate Change - agendas for 6 meetings. Supported by CAFOD etc. Book or downloadable (pub May 2008)


Fr Sean McDonagh presented 'Climate Change, The Response of Catholics'. at the Catholic Bishops’ Conference on Climate Change in Canberra in Nov 2005

Catholic Conservation Center has some very good pages on Catholic Teaching about the environment and some good links. (The Catholic Conservation Center is currently located in cyberspace, was established in 2000 by Bill Jacobs, a Catholic layperson and a director of stewardship for an international, nonprofit conservation organization in USA.)
The Church speaks on the Environment
Colour leaflet produced October 2000 - Compiled by the Benedictine nuns of St Mildred's Priory, Minster Abbey.
This is useful colour leaflet with quotes from people such as Pope John Paul II, Thomas Aquinas, the Catechisn of the Catholic Church, John Chrysostom, the Bible, Bernard of Clairvaux and others about the glory and importance of Creation and the Natural World. Please send a stamped addressed envelope plus for every leaflet that you require : one first class stamp - to Sr Ancilla Dent OSB, Mister Abbey, Minster near Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4HF

bullet Sean McDonagh's brand new book: on species extinctions and the church (Nov 2004)

Priests and People: Justice for Creation
February 2000 Vol 14 No 2. ISSN 00009-8736
This features articles by Ghillean Prance, Robert Murray, Mike Monaghan, Sister Ancilla Dent, Celine Mangan, Paul McPartlan, Bernard Robinson and Deborah Jones
For example M M, who spent eight years as an environmental director of a multinational company writes "The Church as an organisation can assist this process by encouraging members to question the environmental and social standards of the companies with whom they have any involvement."
Send £2.80 for this 1 copy, including postage UK, to 1 King Street Cloisters, Clifton Walk, London W6 0QZ

The Stations of the Forest
Edited by Fr Sean McDonagh. Pub: Cafod.

Ecology and Faith - The Writings of Pope John Paul II
Edited by Sister Ancilla Dent OSB. (ISBN 0-85305-410-X). Pub: Arthur James 1997. £5.00
These addresses, dating from 1986 to 1995, show his growing awareness of the ecological crisis and the need for a Christian response to the global challenge it presents.
Earth Spirituality - Jesus at the Centre
By Edward P. Echlin. (ISBN: 1-85608-445-0) Pub: Arthur James 1999. £5.99
This book seeks ecological wisdom from the life and resurrection of Jesus. It is the most profound book yet published about a Christian ecology centred on Jesus. The author relates a Christ-centred spirituality to his own experience and to the ecological challenges facing the world in the next few decades.

Greening the Christian Millennium
by Fr Sean McDonagh. Pub: Dominican Publications 1999. £9.99
Sean McDonagh has written several very useful books on Christianity and the environment and this one is the latest, HOT OFF THE PRESS. He worked as a missionary with the T'boli people in the Philippines and has been involved in environmental issues in Ireland and else where since then
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Some Ecological statements by Pope John Paul II

  • The example of Francis and Clare

    "Francis and Clare not only became brother and sister to every human being but to all animate and inanimate creatures. In contemplating nature, when Francis discovers that everything speaks to him of God, his eyes are filled with joy and he exclaims in the Canticle of Brother Sun: everything "... from you, Most High, bears significance" (FF 263).

    "Dear young people, may you too learn to look at your neighbour and at creation with Godīs eyes. Mainly respect its summit, which is the human person. At the school of such excellent teachers, learn the careful and attentive use of goods. Do your utmost to see that they are better distributed and shared, with full respect for the rights of every person. In reading the great book of creation, may your spirit open to grateful praise to the Creator."

    --Pope's address to "Young People in Assisi," August 26, 2001.
  • Words from a talk by Pope John Paul II on 17 January 2001:

    "If we scan the regions of our planet, we immediately see that humanity has disappointed God's expectations. Man, especially in our time, has without hesitation devastated wooded plains and valleys, polluted waters, disfigured the earth's habitat, made the air unbreathable, disturbed the hydrogeological and atmospheric spheres and turned luxuriant areas into deserts and undertaken forms of unrestrained industrialization, humiliating the flower-garden of the universe to use the image of Dante Alighieri (Paradiso, XXII, 151.). We must therefore encourage and support the 'ecological conversion' which in recent decades has made humanity more sensitive to the catastrophe to which it has been heading. Man is no longer the Creator's 'steward', but an autonomous despot, who is finally beginning to understand that he must stop at the edge of the abyss".

  • On 1 Jan 1990 Pope John Paul said: "Christians, in particular, realise that their responsibility within creation and their duty towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of their faith"
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  • Catholic Conservation Center has some good pages on Catholic Teaching about the environment and some good links. (The Catholic Conservation Center is currently located in cyberspace, was established in 2000 by Bill Jacobs, a Catholic layperson and a director of stewardship for an international, nonprofit conservation organization in USA.)
  • Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare For 70 years there has been only one UK Catholic society concerned with every aspect of animal welfare and theology - the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare. Regd Charity No. 231022. An illustrated, 62-page journal The Ark is published every four months, containing articles and features on every aspect of the Study Circle's interests.
  • CAFOD (the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development)
  • Independent Catholic News
  • Catholic Earthcare Australia is an ecological agency established by the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference and chaired by Bishop Christopher Toohey.
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Contact Information for CEL's Catholic Team

Paul Bodenham, Corner Cottage, Main Street, Langar, Nottingham NG13 9HE Tel 01949 861516


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