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Updated Dec 2007

Church and Wildlife Conservation

Christian Ecology Link encourages churches to prioritise wildlife conservation as a Christian responsibility. (For Energy Conservation, see Operation Noah, The Churches Climate change campaign)

CEL Biodiversity webpage and leaflet

A useful CEL resource about biodiversity and nature conservation

Church and conservation - Greenhow burial ground - many wild species survive here
Review of Fr Sean McDonagh's book on species extinctions conservation - species extinctions
Church yard conservation projects
Long Preston |Studley | Ss Mary & John
Long Preston churchyard workshop run with the help of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust
The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has some good web pages on churchyard conservation
Wildlife Conservation in a churchyard - Dog daisy

Biodiversity Hotspots (BBC link)


Display made by children at Christians Aware Conference
Many churches support fair trade goods. Most fair trade goods are made by small farmers and small scale industries that are much less damaging to the environment than large scale intensive farming. This helps conservation of wild species.
Church and wildlife conservation - Fair trade shop at Settle Meeting House

The Church and Energy Conservation

Global warming/Climate change is affecting the climate. Animals and plants that could once have moved further north or south to where climate conditions are suitable for them can no longer do this as many of them live in isolated nature reserves

See CEL's resources on the church and energy conservation and energy efficiency

Church, energy conservation and link to Operation Noah
A Rocha is a Christian Organisation which focuses on Nature Conservation and has Field Centres in Portugal, London and several other Countries
A Rocha stall at a CEL conference
Other CEL pages on biodiversity and wildlife  


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