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Here are twelve hymns that you may like to use, to be sung to well known tunes. New ones are being added.

The authors are happy for people to print their hymn for services and non commercial publications etc provided that the exact words are printed, and that the authors are credited. They would be pleased to hear where the hymns are being used.

These will appear in the book "Environment Praise" (details) Title Author Comment, Tune and Example Verse (Not necessarily first verse) Short comment
Creator God, abundant Life your mark - Mrs Pat Bennett

Sung at The Operation Noah Service on 4th November at the start of the Stop Climate Chaos Demonstrations. The hymn can be heard briefly in the interview with the Bishop of London on Radio 4
It was entered for the Settle Methodist Circuit hymn competition on the Environment in 2001

   We pledge to touch all things with holy care
   Until your coming Kingdom ends despair
   Then all the world will witness and will share
   The jubilation - Of healed creation. .......

Good for pledging yourself to action
The Glory of Creation - Denzil Walton

Written for the Second Sunday before Lent - Creation / Environment Sunday in the Old Lectionary.The Second Sunday before Lent was treated as Environment or Creation Sunday in the Old Lectionary and still is in some versions of the Anglican Lectionary.

(Tune: Ewing or to other D hymns) - and used by several visitors to this website for the occasion.

   Deep mysteries, of oceans and unknown outer space,
   Migration paths of swallows, the eagle's nesting place.
   The more we gain in knowledge, the less we understand
   This world so rich and complex, created by God's ha nd ........

Some beautiful descriptions of Nature
What the Lord Creates Jessica, Emily and Sam Crawshaw

This hymn - sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - won first prize in the Children's Section of the Settle Methodist Circuit and CEL Environment Hymn Competition 2001

Praise him, Praise him, Praise the Lord
For the wonders of the world.

   For the people big and small
   For the animals short and tall
   We will care for all these things
   That our Lord Creator brings. .......

Could get your children to add extra verses.
Entwining Circles Jean MacDonald

Set to the folk tune "Waly Waly", this song reminds us that entwining circles "Join us with sea and earth and sky", the earth is suffering form pollution..but

So we believe, Creator God,
We make a difference when we say
Like that young boy with two small fish,
" Here, take and share my gifts today." . .......

Haunting tune
5. May The Earth is the Lord's Gerald H Gardiner

.. touching on harvest, delight in creation, and our present multi-faith society, . (Tune: Lord of the Dance)

The earth is the Lord's, sing Christian and Jew,
Sacred the earth for Muslim, Sikh, Hindu.
Reverence for life is the Buddhist way,
Violence none, in all we do and say. ........

Good tune.
Multi faith element
6 June Creator God Jenny Baines

Sung to Sine nomine (For all the saints...)

Beneath the moon the ocean lifts its tide,
Help us to curb our poisoned human pride
Still may the whales, the fish and dolphins ride
Seas ever singing, ever singing ........

This can make a joyful and moving end to an environment service.
7. Sept Lord of All Lang-uages Audrey Theodosia Bryant

Sung to Slade (Lord of all hopefulness)

Lord of all whispering, speak in the leaves
the small voice that counsels each one who believes,
Lift our eyes to the mountain, give us peace from the field
and wash us with rain that our souls may be healed. ........

Spiritual and thoughtful


6 Verses

8. Oct For the beauty of the earth  Sheila Redmond

Sung to: As the Deer Pants

But the earth belongs to our children,
It's not ours to destroy.
They will need its scarce resources,
To use and to enjoy. ........

Nice tune. Practical straight forward words
Aug '08
Good gifts for all Alison Blenkinsop

Sung to "We plough the fields and scatter"

The fields of many countries
are tilled to pay their debt,
and so disease and poverty
remain a constant threat.
Their goods, unfairly traded,
make losses for our gain,
as most of all the profits
in wealthy hands remain.

Hymn with green/ fairtrade/debt themes to well known harvest tune.

10. Green Bottle Decade Audrey Bryant

Ten green bottles standing on the wall,
Ten green bottles standing on the wall
And if one green bottle should accidently fall
There'll be nine green bottles standing on the wall.

One green bottle nearly full of oil
From the world's great caverns under sea and soil,
Supplies are running out with ever rarer finds -
They're trying to fill it up with oil of different kinds.
When this green bottle is empty it will fall
And there'll be nine green bottles standing on the wall.

Sung to ten green bottles
11. Aug '09 Climate is Warming



Sung to "The Ash Grove"

As climate is warming
Will bees keep on swarming
If we just continue to damage the earth?
Will birds and sea-creatures,
With beautiful features,
Forever be lost by denying their worth?

Our first "Climate Change" hymn.
12. Nov Mother Earth Audrey Theodosia Bryant Oh mother earth,
we take to Copenhagen
our last, our deepest hope of all,
to live within our means, *no more delay, gone
are heady days
when men could steal and stall.
Now look ahead, you delegates of nations,
and see our children, what their lives are worth -
to live at last in knowing we're relations,
Christ's family and offspring of our mother earth.
Written for Copenhagen and CEL
13 Weaver God

Kate Compston


I haven't got copyright for this - so can't put the hymn on this site - but I give a link to where it is printed elsewhere and to a recording of the hymn. Here is the last verse:

Weavers we are called, yet woven too we're born.
For the web is seamless: if we tear we're torn.
Gently may we live - that fragile earth is left, Love and justice joined - the fabric's warp and weft. Tune:Noel Nicolette

Local Preacher John anderson used this at a service in the Bradford district.

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Use them in your church.



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