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Methodist Team Page

CEL is an ecumenical organisation. It also has denominational subgroups: "Denominational teams".

The aims of the Methodist Denominational Team are:
  • To enable people to become aware of Methodist Church resources about the environment.
  • To help where necessary with the loan of material that is no longer in print.
  • To publicise environmental activities that are being carried out by individual Methodists both within and outside the church.
See also:
Creation Challenge - Methodist-URC Environmental Network website The Interface Discussion Website run by Methodist Church with Environment Section - Now archived, but useful links

News / Archive

July 2011  

The Methodist Church has "Conference" each year when decisions about the church are made. In 2011 it is taking place inthe first week of July in Southport.

On Monday 4th July, The Methodist Conference agreed that failure to acknowledge the urgent need for radical cuts in greenhouse gas emissions was "morally irresponsible" in a statement adopted by the Church.

Here are some useful links

The church launched a page about reducing the carbon footprint in
small medium and large churches -

The Methodist church has a useful book(let) 'Hope in God's Future' about climate change which was was produced in 2009 (It costs £5-00 or you can download it free) - You can use it for discussion groups.'s-future-proposed-statement-of-the-conference

and you can read the report at

Lower down the statement it includes (amongst many other sections) the section:-

4.8 The need for action in relation to other environmental issues
In addressing the issue of climate change, we must also recognize that it is only one of many environmental issues requiring attention by our Churches: related issues include concern for:
* threats to biodiversity;
* deforestation;
* water shortages;
* depletion of non-renewable resources; and
* the impact of rapid rises in human population.
Climate change is but one manifestation of the impact of a global industrialised economy. Action in response to climate change will ameliorate the impact of some of these environmental challenges, but it is also required in these other areas.

October 2009  

Hope in God's Future

Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change

It is now possible to buy this book from Methodist Publishing House for £5-00 or to download the pdf file (60 sides,= 15 double sided A4) . There are study guides explaining how a group can study the book in one evening, in twoeveingings or as a day event.. I think for it to be useful everyone needs to have read the report and study guide before the study session.

4 Nov 2009 Birmingham

The Impact of Climate Change & our response - The United Reformed Church is hosting a day exploring the joint URC and Methodist report on climate change theology: ‘Hope in God’s Future’ on Wednesday 4th November at Carrs Lane URC, Birmingham .

This summer this major report will be launched via the Creation Challenge website. The report was debated at the Methodist conference and is to be to be debated further in circuits and districts with a view to it becoming a Statement of Conference in 2011. Hope in God’s Future debate at Methodist Conference - July 2009

May 2009 Bristol Bristol Methodist District Eco-issues webpage
Jan 2008 - Dec 2009   Visit the blog of the "St John's Methodist Church, Settle, Rainforest Fund Project."
    Free downloadable video:
Lent 2008 UK Methodist Church launches alternative credit card for Lent
Lent or anytime UK What does the bible say about climate change? - Methodist Study pack- 2008 - downloadable
Summer 2007 UK Harvest Pack '07- from Methodist Church - El Salvador - Environment Problems. climate change - Useful resources, much of it downloadable.
10 July UK

Footprint at Methodist Conference10 July: Methodist Conference receive the report 'Caring for creation in the face of climate change', MDRF make a red footprint to show relative size of national carbon footprints. Report



24-26 Nov 2006 Church Stretton, Shropshire Think of a World…’ is an environmental conference to be held in Church Stretton, Shropshire from the 24 th to 26 th November . The conference will focus on climate change , impacts and action through key speakers, workshops, activities and an exhibition. Speakers include the President and Vice President of the Methodist Church Conference – Revd Graham Carter and Dudley Coates. There will also be a locally produced, animal friendly, organic and fairly traded café open all day on the Saturday. ‘Think of a World…’ THINK of the ways we and society impact on the Earth THINK what we want the world to look like in future years THINK how we can achieve this vision by taking action individually and working together PLEDGE with others to take action and learn more about how. The conference is being organised by the Shrewsbury & Wolverhampton District of the Methodist Church but everyone with an interest in the environment, climate change, and how we can take action is invited to attend and will be made welcome.

News May 2006

1) A UK Methodist-URC Environmental Network has formed. It has a website with news.

2) A new Methodist Website has been set up:The Interface is now live. The site provides a friendly space for Methodists to discuss hot news topics and their implications for our faith.

3) Settle Methodist Church invites you to a wildflower walk and Medititaion for Environment Sunday on Jun 4th.

News Feb 2006

Methodist Study Pack 'Energy and Christian Responsibility', first published in July 2003 (See below), is now available at £3.50 from Methodist Publishing House, reduced from £7.50.Now that the Government has announced the Consultation on Energy Use and Sources, it is especially useful for groups and individuals wishing to study the issues involved.
The pack is still relevant although it was published in 2003, some of the detailed numbers may have changed, but the principles remain the same.

News: October 2005

John Anderson from the Shipley and Bingley Methodist Circuit is a local preacher. On 20 Oct He told the Bradford Diocese area Earthcare-Ecocongregation Meeting:

  • how he had preached about the environment around the time of Environment Sunday (First Sunday in June).
  • Now he has proposed that his Methodist church and each church in the Circuit should appoint an Eco-Officer (voluntary), just as each church has officers for Overseas Missions, Finance etc. He has written a job description for the post. His Church Meeting has adopted this proposal, as has the circuit.
  • There will shortly be link to a copy of the job description



The Methodists and URC have together appointed a voluntary Network Co-ordinator, Gwen Jennings

News September 2005

West Yorkshorkshire District of Methodist Church produce book of prayers about the environment, written by people in the District: Cost £2-00 plus 35p p&P (discount for 10 or more) send cheque to WYS books, 19 Wentworth Court, Rastrick, Brighouse, W Yorks HD6 3XD 01484 719993

News: January 2005

"For the sin that has led us to misuse your gifts,
evade our reponsibilitites,
and fail to be good stewards of your creation -

Lord have mercy, Lord forgive"

Words from the Methodist Covenant Service, used at the beginning of each new year.

News: September 2004

UK Methodist Church signs Climate Covenant

 News: July 2004

THe following "Notice of Motion" has just been passed at Loughborough at

79. Notice of Motion 19: Global Warming

This Conference, mindful of the Church's Environmental Policy, adopted in 2000 and recognising that the impacts of climate change are the greatest threat to human survival and well-being for this and succeeding generations, especially for the most vulnerable people in our world expressed the view that Governments, including Her Majesty Government, have failed to address the issue with the urgency it demands.

The Conference
  1. endorses, in the line with the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland's commitment, the Christian Ecology Link-initiated, 'Operation Noah'-
    "Human development stands at a crossroads. We invite all people of good will to make a new covenant for the earth's climate with Operation Noah, by declaring with us:
    - world leaders must act to avert dangerous climate change and give everyone fair access to fuel in a sustainable world economy.
    - we ask the UK Government to lead negotiations
    - we will take action personally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.'
  2. asks churches and individual Methodists to take up the issue of climate change locally with Councils, MPs and then with all candidates in the run-up to the General Election.
  3. directs the Connexional Team to guide Methodists to further resources through the website and the Connexional Link Mailing.

Notes taken from the Report about Methodist Conference the Methodist Recorder July 8th 2004:

The notice of motion on global warming was proposed by the REV DR PAUL BEETHAM (East Anglia) and DEACON GORDON WALLACE (East Anglia).

Dr Beetham described this as a justice issue. Deacon Gordon said one way of immediately acting against global warming would be to support the RAINBOW PILGRIMAGE taking place in Coventry on Saturday, October 9th, and promoted by the CHRISTIAN ECOLOGY LINK.

The Rev Paul Worsnop (Newcastle) said he believed global warming to be the most serious issue facing the world. Even the Pentagon said it was the most serious issue for the future of the world ... Mrs Anthea Cox (Co-ordinating Secretary, Public Life and Social Justice) said it was hoped to produce a Methodist environmental network, managed by a voluntary co-ordinator. Methodist Church House was the first UK church general office to convert to 'green electricity'. The Rev David Perry (Lincoln and Grimsby) said a film director recently stated that a film he directed was carbon neutral, and it might be interesting to consider a carbon-neutral conference.

News: March 2004

The Methodist Church has signed a new energy contract which will provide electricity from renewable sources to Methodist Church House, London. The new contract is in keeping with the Methodist Church's environmental policy objective "to encourage the increased use of renewable energy". A cost increase of approximately 10 per cent will be covered by the Church's 'going green' budget. More..

News: September 2003

The Methodist Church in GB has appointed a new Secretary for International Affairs, who started work this month, His role is to coordinate work on global environmental concerns and work on environmental issues. He is called Steve Hucklesby.

There has been a gap of over a year for this post, since Jennifer Potter left it to go and be a Minister at Wesley Chapel London.

Steve says he is keen to hear from local churches what resources they might find useful to encourage them to take part in the Eco-Congregation scheme.

News: August 2003

Methodist 'Energy and Christian Responsibility' Study Pack

launched on 1st July 2003

The study pack is designed to help people share in an informed debate and in the development of public policy, and to consider what actions can be taken individually and in communities to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

The Energy Study Pack costs £7.50 per copy (reduced to £3-50 in Feb 2006), with UK post and packing £3.00 per order, from Methodist Publishing House, 4 John Wesley Road, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 6ZP (Tel: 01733 325002; Fax: 01733 384180),

The 'Energy and Christian Responsibility' Study Pack was launched at The Methodist Conference in Llandudno on 1 July 2003. Present at the launch were Revd David Deeks ( Co-ordinating Secretary for Church and Society), and some members of the Cumbria District Group that compiled the study guide. Mr Deeks commended the project to the Church and said it was an excellent resource on a crucial environmental issue.

The project aims to help people share in the debate about energy production and use, and to take action as individuals, families or churches. The pack contains six programmes for group study and a CD ROM with more detailed papers for further reading. The papers are on

1.. Energy resources
2.. The theology of energy use and production
3.. A general paper 'What lies in the Future?'
4.. Risks in energy production and use

The topics of the group sessions are:

1.. What lies in the future?
2.. Energy use in transport
3.. Nuclear power
4.. Renewable energy
5.. Weighing the risks
6.. What do we do about it?

News: June 2003

Bethesda Methodist Church, Cheltenham: Eco-congregation page - The 17th Church in Britain to receive Eco-Congregation Award

John Wesley's words "Gain all you can, save all you can, give all you can" are well known.

Many Methodists are good at following this and save materials they have finished with for reuse or recycling. A closer look at the sermon in which John Wesley used those words shows he was talking about stewardship of resources in general, - but especially of money

Nowadays we know that it is important to be good stewards not just of money, but of the the world God has given us.

News: May 2002

Evesham Methodist Church became the first Church in Great Britain to be awarded the Eco Congregation Award by Environmental Campaigns (an environmental charity which runs the Keep Britain Tidy, Gong for Green, and Church Environmental projects.)

News: December 2001

The Web editor has just been sent some current and back issues of "Africa Link" a newsletter produced by Bob Mann and MRDF. These report on local sustainable agricultural initiatives and projects in West Africa, North Africa and South Africa. e.g. "Preference for a non-hybrid variety of cacao" "An intensive organic garden with many indigenous plant/crop species" " Farmers who know the importance of planting indigenous trees". To request copies of Africa Link email

News: November 2001

Is your (Methodist) church interested in carrying out an energy audit and working out simple ways of saving energy? Let us know if you are - perhaps we can point to someone who can help. email


News: Oct 2000

The following notice of motion was unanimously approved at the Darlington Synod on 7th October:

† The Darlington District Synod: †
1 †-† urges Circuit Superintendents to arrange for Circuit Meetings to discuss the Conference report "The Methodist Church's Environmental Policy", which includes objectives on six aspects of the environment relevant to individual lifestyles, the on-going life of the church and to the construction, maintenance and use of church buildings.† †
2† -† encourages individual members of†Synod to familiarise themselves with environmental issues, and the† resources available under the national Eco-Congregation Programme, so as to stimulate discussion and practical action on these matters at local church level. †

John Wearmouth who was involved in this notice of motion says that there have been a number of enquiries about it since then.
Why not have a notice of motion like this in your District?

Crook Methodist Church House Group received the CEL Millennium Certificate at the end of October

July 2000

On July 30th Selly Oak Methodist Church, Birmingham received the CEL Millennium Certificate

News: June 2000

Huddersfield Methodist Conference On Saturday 24th June 2000 the Environment Policy was presented and accepted by the UK Methodist Church National Conference.
Jennifer Potter (right), Secretary for International Affairs of the Methodist Church presented the Policy. John Wearmouth a Methodist from County Durham (centre) told about the involvement of local Methodists in the Durham and Newcastle area. David Pickering of Going for Green talked about the Eco-Congregation programme. This picture was taken in the early afternoon as the three were preparing for the session.

The statement says:.. `The Methodist Church affirms Christian mission includes caring for God's earth and will endeavour to develop both the theology and practical implications of this on a continuing basis...
The Methodist people are challenged and encouraged to care for the earth by following sustainable practice and taking into account global and local environmental considerations for present and future generations

* in the conservation and use of resources in the Church and at home
* in helping to develop more sustainable lifestyles
* in active involvement in Local Agenda 21 and other community initiatives
* in concerns for action on global environmental issues
To help fulfil this commitment, the policy adopted identifies six aspects of the environment to work on: awareness and commitment; energy and water; waste; materials and resources; natural and built environment; travel. This step forward on the national Church front is an immense encouragement and, hopefully, a challenge for other denominations to follow! For more information about the Methodist Conference debate please contact John Wearmouth and a for a full copy of the resolution visit the Methodist site

News: August 1999

At The UK Annual Methodist Conference in Scarborough (1998) the following Notice of Motion was passed:

Conference directs the Methodist Council to prepare a Draft Environmental Policy for the Methodist Church. Such a policy statement should relate to all relevant areas of the Church's life.

The statement should:
  1. spell out a commitment to act responsibly on matters of environmental concern
  2. identify ways in which this commitment can be translated into action
  3. identify the ways by which progress can be measured
The Methodist Council to report to the conference in 2000

Proposed: Mr John E Wearmouth
Seconded: Revd Dr Stephen G Hatcher

Since then, a small group of people - mostly from the Darlington and Newcastle districts - has been working on a draft text of the policy. Before the end of this year this draft, amended as necessary will be put to the Methodist Council for comment. In the light of their response, further work will be done before the policy is reported to the 2000 Conference in Huddersfield. The drafters of the policy as it stands are aware that it does not deal adequately with items (2) and (3) in the Notice of Motion, and thus more work will need to be done on how to turn the policy into action in the coming months.

Jennifer Potter is the Secretary for International Affairs for the Methodist Church, 1 Central Buildings, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH says:

"If you are a Methodist (or indeed, anyone) with an interest in environmental matters, and especially the Methodist Church's commitment to an environmental policy, then we would like you to read this draft statement and send us your comments and suggestions."

Please contact Jennifer Potter (0207 222 8010) and ask for a copy of the draft statement.

September 1999

Farm Walk and Harvest Festival at Malham - 12 September. The Skipton and Grassington Methodist circuit joined Malham Congregation for three farm walks to learn about the current problems of farming in the dales, and about nature conservation and tourism. Click here for pictures of the event

Malham Methodist Church Farm Walk to Lee Gate Farm  September 1999



Materials are available from the sources as shown:
  • MPH:   Methodist Publishing House, 20, Ivatt Way, Peterborough, PE3 7PG ++44 (0)1733 332202 Please add 15% to the value of your goods for postage and packing.
  • MRDF: Methodist Relief and Development Fund, Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5JR
  • CEL: Contact Christian Ecology Link to enquire about loan of items that are out of stock at MPH or MRDF

Keep Warm and Save Money

A web page you can download and print in your church magazine - written by John Kibble, a Methodist in Cardiff, who gives advice on, and runs conferences on Church Heating.

Making Peace with the Planet: A slide-tape meditation on the environment.

Produced for One World Week in 1988 for use by churches of all denominations, this meditation...prayer with slides pack lasts about 15 minutes. It is based on the lovely hymn "All creatures of our God and King". It can be used as part of a service, but give it a good build up during the service otherwise the harsh realities in the slides will take people by surprise. Even if your church did use it in the past it would be very much worth using again.. The environmental situation is even more serious now, the slides are still just as topical. If you haven't seen it, this slide pack really is a must! Thoroughly recommended. Tryborrowing it from CEL for £5-00

Floods and Rainbows

A study guide on the Environment - for those who care about the future ISBN 1 873838 01 8 (1991) Editor: Angela Singleton
Material for eight workshops on different environmental problems are provided by this book. In fact there is enough material in some chapters to last about half a day so if you use it for an evening session you can afford to be selective.


Elephants and millipedes - The organic revolution in Zambia

by Mervyn Temple (1997) 129 pages. ISBN 0 9530369 0 1. Published by Millipede Books, 40, Thames Avenue, Pangbourne, Berks RG8 7BY .
This is an interesting book to read if you are interested in organic farming or in Africa

Stickers Methodist Youth Conference 1997 Environment Workshop

STICKERS! Can you send us ideas for cartoon stickers?
At the Environment Workshop at the Methodist Youth Conference November 1997 this group was enthusiastic about Stickers. Neither the Methodist Church nor CEL has a good sheet of Fun Stickers about care of the environment. Could you help produce one? Do you know of one produced by a different organisation? Could you collect ideas about what to put on them? What has made you laugh? What has inspired you?

This A3 poster was sent out with the winter 2000/2001 Connexional Mailing, so all the Methodist Circuits and Churches in Britain should have one. Has a poster like this been put up at your church? If not, ask why not.

May be you could get this poster and use other environmental posters from your local Wildlife trust or Friends of the Earth to make a display about the environment
Tell us what your church is doing



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