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6 Nov. 6pm for 7pm GC Annual Members Meeting Bristol
 7 Nov 2015 GC ‘Joy in Enough’ day conf Bristol
30 Jan: Ecocell/Way of life events at London

10-12 June:  2016 Green Christian Retreat

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Above is is the newly designed list of the resources on this page.
The turquoise and pink table below is the original list.

Use whichever arrangement you find most convenient.
The actual resources follow after the turquoise and pink table.

  Pink background - described on this page
  Blue background - described on this page briefly but also have their own page(s) on the website

1a. General Leaflets
1b. Topic Leaflets
2. Briefing Papers 3. Monthly News Email 4. Sermon Notes
Common Lectionary
5. Daily Prayer Guide Monthly - paper / online 6. Videos: How Green is Your Church? 7. Seasonal Resources Creationtide, Harvest, Christmas, Lent, LOAF etc 8. Speakers
9. ChurchLink:
Free leaflet - churches
10. Green Christian magazine 2 x a year 11. Workbook
12. Operation Noah
Climate campaign
13. Articles for parish magazines   14. Denominational Resources 15. Exhibition Laminated Posters / Panels 16. Audio-cassettes
17. Environment Awareness course workbook 18. Powerpoint show: Eco-Spirituality 19. Scripts for short plays 20. Hymns and songs
21. ecocell - 5 workshops on eco-living 22.LOAF -CEL's food campaign 23. Storm of Hope CEL Annual inspirational colour A4 brochure 24. Non-CEL resources

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Most CEL leaflets are now available FREE online (see below.)
Donations towards CEL's work welcome.

Why not make a CEL foldable display as below - it packs down to just over A4 size, by folding up the four transparent pockets. You can hang it on a wall or the pulpit. Instructions (Or buy one ready made for £10-00, incl postage)

Other examples of display boxes

1a. GENERAL LEAFLETS   (back to top)

CEL Introductory leaflet

1b. TOPIC LEAFLETS   (back to top)
These are being added to the website at two resolutions: low resolution (c150KB) for viewing on the web, and high resolution (c. 600KB) for printing as high quality leaflets.


For leaflets please send a donation to cover cost of printing and postage. Bulk orders welcome.


CEL produces a free monthly news email. If you would like to receive this please email the Web editor

   (back to top)

Ecological Notes to the Common Worship Lectionary - by Keith Innes
Week by week we shall be putting on line the series of notes on ecological aspects of the set bible readings that many churches use throughout the year.


The CEL Prayer Guide for the care of creation consists of an entry for each day of the month. Those for Sundays take the form of a prayer. The other days set out the facts on some current environmental issue and suggest prayer on this topic. This guide is an invaluable resource for a church wishing to include environmental issues in their acts of worship. A new guide is sent each month.

You can also ask for the Prayer guide to be emailed to you at the beginning of each month or to have the prayers/meditations emailed to you daily.

You may also be interested in joining CEL's Community of Prayer

Available at £10.00 pa. (cheques payable to Philip Clarkson-Webb) from:
Philip Clarkson-Webb
15 Valley View
Tunbridge Wells

This is also available online in web page form and in doc file form. It can also be emailed to you free at the end of each preceding month, for you to print out or use excerpts from. Details

6. VIDEOS   (back to top)

1. Operation Noah: Creating a Climate of Justice -

CEL made this video a number of years ago. Contact Operation Noah direct if you would like a copy.

Climate change is the most serious environmental problem facing us today. The fate of life on earth could be decided by the choices we make in the next ten years. This inspirational video shows how you can be part of the solution. It can be used in church groups, at home, with young people, and at Sunday services. Operation Noah - Creating a Climate of Justice comes with a study guide to help you to respond to what you have seen and discussed in your groups.

2. "How Green is Your Church?" This video is available for hire at £4.50 per month. Although nearly 20 years old now, this 12 minute video is an excellent basis for group discussion. Video loan price includes postage and packing. This is also available as a DVD contact the web editor

It is a professionally made video by Nottingham City Council in 1993 and the Council were pleased that CEL distributed this video.

7. SEASONAL RESOURCES    (back to top) : These give information on CEL's and other organisation's resources

Rogation Sunday
Environment Sunday
CreationTide and Harvest
Car Free Day

All the above items are available from:
CEL Resources (Publications)
40 The Avenue,
LS8 1JG,

The prices include postage in the UK for orders of £1.00 and over. Please add 50p for orders under £1.00.

8. SPEAKERS   (back to top)

A number of speakers are available to give talks on the Christian dimension of environmental concern to churches, church groups, and other church gatherings, both large and small.
Contact Information Officer Jo Abbess, 10, Beech Hall Road, Highams Park, London, E4 9NX, UK . tel: 00 44 (0) 845 4598460 or R. Shorter Tel 020 7493 7179.

9. CHURCHLINK    (back to top)

Churches which register with the Churchlink Scheme are sent a FREE mailing twice a year, which can be displayed on church notice boards. The spring mailing will be the new CEL Storm of Hope brochure.

10. GREEN CHRISTIAN   (back to top)
Christian Ecology Link's Twice Yearly Magazine. £3-50 + 50p p+p per issue. Free to members. Details
CEL Local Groups and Churches with Local Church Membership or Corporate Membership are invited to request 5 copies of each issue.

11a. WORKBOOK    (back to top)

Tim Cooper, Sustaining the Earth, St John's Extension Studies, 1997, £9.99. A "distance learning" course designed to use in church study groups, available from St John's Extension Studies, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3RL, United Kingdom, Tel 0115-925 1117

12. OPERATION NOAH   (back to top) - The Churches Climate Change Campaign.
Christian Ecology Link produced material for this project before it became an independent project. Some of CEL's archived material (now over 6 years old) can be found at ark-in-a-box - e.g. Cool Church Tool Kit - Cut your church's greenhouse gas emissions.

Cool Church Tool Kit : New!!! Cut your church's greenhouse gas emissions

There was a National Launch on 9 October 2004 at Coventry, with a CEL conference in the morning followed by a "Rainbow Pilgrimage" from the Methodist Central Hall to the Cathedral,finishing with a service at the Cathedral.More details

Operation Noah's website was launched in 2007 and in 2010 the website was redesigned.

13. PARISH MAGAZINE ARTICLES   (back to top)
A series of short, slightly chatty articles under the banner of "Village Green Corner" is being produced, theoretically two month's ahead of their calendar month title, so that people can use them in their parish magazines. Previous years contributions are often very relevant too.

14. DENOMINATION PAGES:   (back to top)
Catholic | Methodist | Anglican

15. EXHIBITION   (back to top)

CEL has two sets of six A3 size full colour laminated posters which advertise the resources CEL has to offer. Each measures 1' 10.5" x 2' 6" or 58cm x 78cm.

One set has a general Christian environmental message

The other set promotes the CEL LOAF principles - food which is Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly and Fairly traded.

You can download both sets to create your own posters. Or you can borrow both sets ready laminated for stalls at local events or for temporary display in churches in the UK. To arrange to borrow a set please contact

16.. AUDIO-CASSETTE TAPES £2.50   (back to top)

Ask CEL for a free list of tapes available. Tapes cost from £2.50 each

17. CEL Environment Awareness Course workbook - written in 2007. - now downloadable

18 Eco-Spirituality Powerpoint Show
prepared by Ruth Jarman for a conference at Plymouth

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (1,375 1,375 and 493KB respectively) You can modify the text of this for your own presentation - "See, Grieve, Hope, Act" .

For copyright reasons the web editor has removed the music for the three Taize songs in the above ppt presentation. If you would like the music please contact

19. Script for Plays:  

  1. Change Greed to Green. by Tom Hiscock. This piece could be included in a service on Climate Change, the Environment, etc.
  2. Operation Noah Day Puppet Show (5 July 2008) by Ruth Jarman - Short simple play

20. Hymns and songs

Hymns you can use written about care of the environment and set to well known hymn tunes


ecocell - a new CEL resource for leading/sharing a five week session of workshops on eco-living. more...

22. LOAF - CEL's Food Campaign

23 Storm of Hope Brochure

CEL's annual inspirational brochure - download the online version or send off for copies to display in your church.

Why not make a CEL standing display as on the left, out of vegetable boxes Instructions ?

You can send off for a ready made one from The example below (minus the CEL label) costs about £8 plus £5-00 postage



When added    
Nov 2008 Omega Climate Course - five session course being updated for 2009  
Aug 2008 Don't Stop at the Lights: Church plan for a year of action on tackling climate change - by Claire Foster and David Shreeve -  
July 2008 Churches Together in Cumbria now have quite a lot of reports and resources  
July 2008 Hope for Creation: a time for worship and action .Resources from CTBI and David Bookless for Creation Time 2008 (4 July Press Release Also See CTBI new website -  
June 2008 Renewing the Face of the Earth Book by David Atkinson, Bishop of Thetford.  
June 2008 Stem the Tide -(June '08) Methodist Climate Change website  
June 2008 Between the Flood and the Rainbow - Operation Noah Study guide on climate Change - agendas for 6 meetings. Supported by CAFOD etc. Book or downloadable (pub May 2008)  
June 2008

Paint the Church Green - A group course by Ellen Teague - Published by Kevin Mayhew, June 2008

Paint the Church Green enables church groups to explore the relationship between faith and concern for the natural world. By learning about environmental issues, unsustainable development and the link with global poverty, it reflects on western lifestyle and encourages positive suggestions for change. Paint the Church Green features six 'agendas' (sessions) that are designed to take place over six weeks: · People and Planet · Food and Drink · Battling the Elements · Energy for the Future · Abundant Life · Covenant with Creation. Each agenda encourages groups to share their experiences, followed by biblical reflection, tips to help churches of all denominations bring about change and a concluding prayer.

Price: £5.99 + £2.00 p&p from Kevin Mayhew Publishers, Buxhall, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 3BW t: 01449 737 978

June 2008 ECEN (European Christian Environment Network) Creation time Liturgical material for 2008 "Choose Life" - Climate Change etc material  
Feb 2008 New book: Cherishing the Earth - How to Care for God's Creation - by Martin and Margot Hodson  
Feb 2008 Planetwise Book and CD by David Bookless - CEL Review of Plantewise  

Material added before March 2008

CreationCare for Pastors website (American) - useful.

Methodist Study Pack 'Energy and Christian Responsibility', described on CEL's Methodist Page, is now available at £3.50 from Methodist Publishing House, reduced from £7.50. Now that the Government has announced the Consultation on Energy Use and Sources, it is especially useful for groups and individuals wishing to study the issues involved. The pack is still relevant although it was published in 2003, some of the detailed numbers may have changed, but the principles remain the same.

Climate Change Pentathlon Enjoy Computer Games? Try Tearfund's game

2003: CREATION TIME September 1st to the Second Sunday in October
Prayers and Liturgical Suggestions have been prepared for 2003 by ECEN, entitled
Our Responsibility to Future Generations These, or extracts from them, can be used in any service. One CEL Member says "They were very useful in our Lent group this March 2003" The majority of the material can be downloaded as a Word 97 doc file from the ECEN website.

CREATION TIME 2005 Material

Nov 2002: Two Excellent new workbooks: Patenting (£2-00) and
GMOs (£3-00) produced by the Columbans 020 8202 2555

Stafford Borough Council has produced Faith for the Future LA21 Action Pack

Recycling leaflet Prepared by: The Green Group, Selly Oak Methodist Church Langleys Rd, Birmingham Download leaflet in doc format (43Kb) or pdf (20Kb). If you find it useful do send them an email 01214714175

Discussion Papers of the Environment Group of Churches Together in Cumbria.
Series 2 --- Produced in April 2002: the document and papers may be photocopied.
Some leading scientists and church people in Cumbria have put together a series of articles with discussion questions at the end. These would make an excellent basis for discussion at Fellowship Groups or Discussion groups. and are also stimulating private reading. Topics include:
Today's Issues; Sustainability; Water; Farming; Christ in Creation; Enough; Globalisation and Multi-nationals; Leisure, Tourism and the Environment; Visioning; Future Paths; Write to The Jays, 3 White House, walton, Brampton, Cumbria CA82DJ

INK Independent News Collective
It is now possible to subscribe online to a variety of useful radical magazines online. e.g.The Friend, Peace News, Ethical Consumer, The New Internationalist, Permaculture, The Ecologist and many more.

A Plant list for a Bible garden. (Wikipedia) This site has a list of flowers and other plants that are mentioned in the bible plus good Two good books on the topic, both by Nigel Hepper are:good links.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Bible Plants
Planting a Bible Garden

Nigel Cooper has written a good book on Managing churchyards for wildlife
Cooper, Nigel 2001 (2nd edn.) Wildlife in Church and Churchyard: plants, animals and their management. London: Church House Publishing

Website Advice for churchyard wildlife havens A Yorkshire wildlife Trust website which gives useful advice aimed at helping wildlife flourish in churchyards


Methodist Resources    Resources are described at CEL's Methodist team page, including the excellent Slide-tape Meditation "Making Peace with the planet". CEL members can borrow some of these from CEL

Catholic Resources    Resources are described including the excellent Slide-tape Meditation "Stations of the Forest". CEL members can borrow some of these from CEL

The Eco-Congregation programme is administered by the Churches Environmental Project Officer a You can download some of the units in the Eco-Congregation programme . CEL encourages churches to enter for this programme. Eco-Congregation Scotland has its own website. More details about Contact people for both Eco-Congregation Scotland and Eco-Congregation are on CEL's weblinks page

Sustainable Construction for Village Halls and Community Buildings:
Resource book/pack produced by The Somerset Trust for Sustainable Development. £10 incl p&p

For those churches contemplating renovating or rebuilding a church hall or church, this is a useful book, with important points in it to discuss with with your architect. It gives simple principles to consider and prioritise when making a new building, and gives practical help about building materials and where to get further information from, If you would like to look at a copy before paying the £10 CEL (email for details) may be able to lend you a copy for the cost of post and packaging. (£2.00)

The Arthur Rank Centre Churches ecumenical resource unit at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Par has some resources on its website

Exhibition Panels are also available (Contact the Arthur Rank Centre, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ, UK. tel: 00 44 1203 696969 ext 364)
Sadly the Arthur Rank Centre currently has no conservation officer due to funding restrictions.
The magazine Country Way is produced at the Arthur Rank Centre. Country Way is written from the countryside itself in full knowledge of the rural realities.

Caring for God's Acre now have the national remit for Living Churchyards material.

The Hibbert Trust has online material "Bringing Religion Down to Earth" about care of the natural world, for school assemblies, including some worship songs

Rogation Service is a lovely outdoor service held in spring (THe Sunday before Ascensions Day, so April 27 in 2008)), during which the whole congregation troops from church to a field, to pond/water to a garden etc and asks for God's blessing. Some rural churches have a lambing service too. Some Resources on Rogation Sunday here

The URC Church in February 1999 published the pack "Root and Branches". This can be obtained from URC Church

Vegetarian Diet for Lent - Action Pack The six booklets can be downloaded in pdf format. Comments on this pack vary from "For those that want to tackle the subject in detail, I've seen nothing more impressive," to "The booklets seem to be a rather one sided collection of resources," From "Completely over the top," to "Some good material in it but the whole ethos of this pack militates against a healthy, balanced attitude to how animals should be treated,"

CEL's own leaflet on Vegetarianism (listed at the top of this page) takes a more balanced approach. Living creatures, including farm animals, have their own value under God. Some biblical passages picture people eating meat, others show vegetarianism as an ideal with humans and animals not killing or eating one another. CEL is pressing for better, humane methods of rearing livestock, the cessation of transport of live animals over long distances and the re-opening of well run, small local abattoirs.

Search the Bible for references to ecological words that you may be interested in such as bird, tree, reed,. Bear in mind the bible was written almost 2000 years ago (and earlier), so do use your common sense when choosing which word to put in.

Useful biblical quotes on stewardship

Hymns for a Caring World by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon (1996) is a book of songs and hymns (with music), with an environmental or social slant. The song "When your Father made the world, has a chorus which finishes "The world is a garden you made, A life for our food, life for our joy, life we could kill with our selfish greed"
They wrote the musicals, Yanomano, Ocean World, African Jigsaw and Arabica
If you have any problem buying it locally, you can order direct from Faber Music -
New Book: Faiths for a Future: A Resource for teaching environmental themes in Religious Education. 128 pages A4 photocopiable For teachers aged 5-13. Edited by Robert Vint for the Religious Education and Environment Programme (REEP) £14.95  ISBN 1 85175 163 7

Even Newer Book (March 1999): Earth Spirituality, Jesus at the Centre; by Edward P Echlin. ISBN 1856084450.    Price: £5.99     Date: 1999

And a Yet Newer Book: Choices at the Heart of Technology: A Christian Perspective; by Ruth Conway Trinity Press International 1999 ISBN: 1-56338-287-3 pbk 144 Distributed by SCM Press, 9-17 St. Albans Place, London NI ONX at £8.95

The Cosmic Circle, Jesus and Ecology
Edward P. Echlin (Columba Press, 2004). ISBN 1 85607 451 X.           Price: 5.99           Date: 2004
A new book, just published

The restoration of mutually supportive relations between humans and the earth is, the author says, the defining issue of this century. Jesus Christ is central in Christian ecology, and in all human and earth relationships. The book begins with some personal practice, and with a 'way of proceeding' in relating Jesus Christ to the earth. It discusses Jesus' Nazareth years, his work in family fields with seeds, food, and wildlife. There are chapters on Jesus' baptism, and the effect of Jesus on water; on his public ministry; his passion and death; and his resurrection 'filling all things' (Eph. 4.10). Jesus risen is present with us in the earth community today, inviting us to love, conserve and heal the earth. The book concludes with some practical suggestions, further resources, and a suggested bibliography.

JRI Resources Gateway.

Help from Redcliffe College PIM (Professionals in Mission) students has enabled a relaunch of the JRI Resources Gateway.
This catalogues, annotates, categorizes and reviews a variety of (mostly online) resources on topics related to Christianity and the environment. Visitors can search by keyword or browse by category. Have a look at - and if you have any suggestions for links please send them to

Climate Change Speaker Network Climate Change Speaker Network: Nationwide network with speakers available to give climate change talks to schools, community groups, societies, faith groups, councils, etc.



Green Building Bible I get quite a number of requests from people who want to make their church buildings greener. The second volume of the Green Building Bible is now out, and subjects covered include ...

  • low energy design
  • contemporary green building
  • regulation
  • renewable energy
  • materials

Please recommend it to your church congregations, friends and colleagues. It is available from the website cost £17.

A registry of all sorts of Christian environmental courses in the States. Not sure how many would be available in the UK/Europe.


UK Energy Saving - The UK Energy Saving website gives information and tips on ways to save energy and also how to save money on household bills.

Resources for use at Lent

The Place of Environmental Theology: A guide for seminaries, colleges and universities. (result of ECEN conference in Prague Aug 2006

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Many churches and individuals have their own display stands. However the web editor (JA) has found the following useful:

1. DIY foldable dispenser - (Designed by JA) (See picture right/above.)
- extremely portable, cheap and convenient:- Packs to just over A4 size, and can be unfolded and hung on lectern in front of speaker or on hook on wall. Instructions. If you make one, say you saw it here first!

2. Dispenser made from Vegetable box - (See picture below left). Good example of recycling, and very cheap, but looks rather so. Full instructions on how to make one here

3. Ready made white display stand box from - This looks much more professional - highly recommended and I don't have shares. Works out including postage at about £15 for 1 or £9.50 each if you get four or more.

Why not make a free CEL standing display as on the left, out of vegetable boxes Instructions ?

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