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6 Nov. 6pm for 7pm GC Annual Members Meeting Bristol
 7 Nov 2015 GC ‘Joy in Enough’ day conf Bristol
30 Jan: Ecocell/Way of life events at London

10-12 June:  2016 Green Christian Retreat

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Christian Ecology Link Site Map

This site map was developed between 1998 and 2009.

In 2009 a slightly different a arrangement of pages will be used and then a slightly new sitemap will be produced, with the same pages but a few pages put in different sections...


CEL weekend 2003 - Whelpstone Crag Home page


Coming events Regularly updated. Find out what environment events are happening in churches throughout the UK.. and beyond. Send us your news.

CEL Annual Members Meeting 7 November 2009 Ottery St Mary, Devon.
CEL W/E Gathering 12-14 Feb Scarborough, Yorks

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Resources Resources produced by CEL (including leaflets) plus links to resources produced by other organisations

ChurchLink - a free scheme to provide churches and communities with information and resources about Christian Ecology events and issues.

Denominational Resources

Multifaith / Different Faiths

Hymns New Hymns on Christian Green themes. For use by congregations, schools etc. So far nine added (October 2008)

Daily Prayer Guide

Articles for parish magazines (Feel free to use back articles )

Ten Green Resolutions (Jan 2009)
Reclaim Christmas (Dec 2008)
Advent: Putting the waiting back into wanting (Nov 2008)
Trees (Oct 2008)
Do the Maths - Food (June 2008)

Do the Maths - Transport (April 2008)

Self control (Jan 2008)
Gentleness (Dec 2007)
Faithfulness (Nov 2007)
Goodness (Oct 2007)
Kindness (Sept 2007)
Patience (Aug 2007)
Are Biofuels the Solution? (July 2007)
Joy (May 2007)
Switch it off for love (March 2007) Go LOAF for Lent (Feb 2007)
Livestock to Lentils (Jan 2007)
Unusual Christmas Presents (Dec 2006)
What would Jesus drive?(Oct 2006)
All or nothing? (May 2006)

Giving up for God and the Earth (March 2006)
Have an ALTERnativity this Christmas (Nov 2005)
Live Lightly (May2005)
Natural Defences -mangrove swamps and the tsunami (Feb 2005)

Use Your LOAF this Christmas (Dec 2004)
Taking the stuff out of Christmas (November 2004)
Archbishop speaks out on climate change (Aug 2004)
Who pays the bill? (June 2004) Global Warming
Are you hiding your talent in a hole in the ground?( May 2004)
A better way to loose waste ( April 2004)
Time to Build the Ark Again (March 2004)
The Climate Covenant
Phantom Loads. (Feb 2004) (TV remote controls etc)
New Year Resolutions (Jan 2004)
Water- Gift of Life (October)
The Pancake Principle (Feb/March 2003)
Have yourselves a Merry Material Christmas-Time! (Dec 2002)
Counter the Consuming Christmas Culture (November/December 2002)
Johannesburg - What does it mean for us? (October)
How clean is your washing and electricity? (July)
Gardening and the Jubilee (June)
What is Local Agenda 21? (May)
What is our church doing for the Earth Summit? (March/April)
Dreaming of Holidays time (Jan/Feb)
December Village Green Corner
A New Carol (December)
Keep Warm and Save Money! (November)

Ecological Notes on the Common Worship Lectionary (Sermon notes for each Sunday in the year)
Notes for Creation Season (September)


Environment Sunday

New Year

Education-Sunday 20 Jan 2008

Green Christian - CEL magazine -see end of this page

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1. Operation Noah - Climate Change Campaign: this is now run independently of CEL, but CEL gives it lots of support

2.  LOAF- CEL's Food Campaign

Loaf Principles as htm - as pdf file
Loaf Place-mat
LOAF A4 wall poster
Loaf Press Release(2002)

3. ECOCELL ecocell - a new CEL resource for leading/sharing a five week session of workshops on eco-living. more... Send off today for your Resources CD - only £5


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Wildlife, Species biodiversity -links to CEL's Biodiversity pages

Jane Goodall - Roots and shoots community projects

Tree Planting

Sustainable Transport

Tourism - Some of the ways it affects the environment

Genetically Modified Crops and Church Land

Submission to the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food - by CEL - Oct 2001

Earth Summit

Agenda 21

Energy Efficiency and the church

Hymn Writing Competition - Closed 30 Sept 2001 - but Web Editor Still compiling hymns for a future book of Green hymns and song

Harvest Festival leaflet

Mobile phone masts and health risks August 2002

Poem on plastic bags




Iraq Jan 2003 Letter to Tony Blair
Feb 2003 Press Release
Aug 2004 Letter to Tony Blair
Nov 2004 Press release about Aug Letter to Tony Blair on "Just War" commitment and monitoring radioactive levels in Iraq.


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Millennium Certificate Challenge Great ideas for Green Activities at your church. This page shows environmentally positive activities carried out by churches to mark the Millennium


New Links Websites and Blogs of Members and Friends of Christian Ecology Link


WCC_CEC_CCEE_ECEN_CTBI_EIN_Churches Together_etc A useful guide to what they are.

European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) Index


News Section of Index Page

Archived News
This contains the highlights of the news from the front page over the past eleven years

2009 Ringsfield CEL Gathering 2009 Feb
2009 Climate rush  
2008 London Demo and Climate Service 2008 Dec
2008 CEL Conference Milton Keynes Nov
2008 Greenbelt Aug
  Heathrow T5 protest -Stop airport expansion Mar
  CEL delivers symbols to 10 Downing Street -press release and report on day. Jan
2007 Environmental Justice Conference with Lancaster Justice and Peace and CEL's Annual Members Meeting - 3 November 2007  
2007 Cut the Carbon Christian Aid March: Leeds | Huddersfield | Birmingham  
2007 Heathrow Camp for Climate Action and Protest  
2007 Storm of Hope 7 July 2007 London - Event to celebrate 25 years of CEL  
2006 Flamslatt , Sept- Oct Sweden - ( European Christian Environment Network )  
2006 Dalehead Wind Turbine Church, Lancashire  
2006 Bradford Cathedral Earth Care Day (Bradford Diocese Conference) June  

Prayers for the Planet Climate Service at Hinde Street 3 Dec

Climate Change March 3 Dec

Hope for the Planet 24 Nov (A Rocha Day)

One World Week: Welwyn + Hatfield: The Challenge for Change - Us or the Climate 29 Oct
One World Week Ealing: Our World What Future? 25 Oct report
Global Warming - Bentham 23 Oct

EcoCongregation in Burley in W for churches in Bradford area. 20 Oct

Churches Together in Cumbria, Kendal 8 Oct
CEL conf - Oct Andover (+ LOAF service) 1 Oct and 29 Sept
2004 Ed's Rainbow Pilgrimage 12 September - December - Land's End to John O' Groats  
2004 Operation Noah Launch - CEL Conference 9 Oct 2004 Press Release and pictures
2004 JustShare May Day in the City  
2004 Harrogate CEL meets David Bowe MEP - May  
2003 CEL Conference Nov 2003:- London - Bishop of Liverpool - with links to pictures     
2003 CEL Weekend May-June - Rathmell Includes pictures  

CEL Conference July 20LOAF service02: Christians, Consumerism and Creation:-Sheffield

    John Gummer MP's talk at the conference: Sustainable Consumption
    Sir John Houghton's Talk at conference: Global Warming: a challenge to Christians' lifestyles?
2001 CEL Conference at Ryton
2000 CEL Conference Oct 21st 2000- Wesley Chapel - Meacher Includes pictures  
2000 Eco-Congregation Launch on 19 Sept 2000  
1999 Malham - Farm Walk and Harvest Festival Sept 1999  
1998 Southwark - The London Churches' Conference on the Environment Nov 98  

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Magazine Green Christian (Note the name changed from Green Christians to Green Christian in July 2003)
- Editorial policy

ContentsThinking of a Green Gap Year? by Ed Beale

Flavour and Fervour - Campaign Activism by Jo Abbess

No.59  Winter 2005 / Spring 2006 - Words made flesh - Contents - Eight Ways to Live Gently on the Earth

Winter 2005 - Spring 2006 - GC - 59 - Contents
Autumn 2005 - GC - 58 - Contents
Spring-Summer 2005 - GC - 57 - Contents
Winter 2004 - GC - 56 - Contents Travelling Lightly Dilemmas
Summer 2004 - GC - 55 - Contents Climate Change
Summer 2004 - GC - 55 Article - Climate Change - Unmasking Christian Denial - John Mead
Spring 2004 - GC - 54 - Contents LOAF Principles - Food Matters
Spring 2004 - GC - 54 - Editorial
Spring 2004 - GC - 54 - Article LOAF principles - Edward Echlin
Winter 2003 - GC - 53 - Contents Sustainable Development - Challenging the language
Summer 2003 - GC - 52 - Contents Theology + Spirituality for Care of Creation
Spring 2003 - GC - 51 - Contents Militarism - Editorial
Winter 2002/2003 - GC - 51 - Article The Missing Link - Bruce Kent - Militarisation and the environment
Winter 2002/2003 - GC - 50 - Contents Earth Summit
Winter 2002/2003 - GC - 50 - Editorial
Winter 2002/2003 - GC - 50 - Article A Briton in Johannesburg - The Personal Story Of A Delegate At The World Summit - by Terry Miller
Summer 2002 - GC - 49 - Contents
Spring 2002 - GC - 48 - Contents
Winter 2001 - GC - 47 - Contents
Summer 2001 - GC - 46 - Contents
Spring 2001 - GC - 45 - Contents
Winter 2000/2001 -GC 44 - Editorial
Winter 2000/2001 - GC - 44 - Contents
Winter 2000/2001 -GC 44 - News Page
Winter 2000/2001 - GC 44 - Article:Population: Lessons from History by Michael O'Gara
Summer 2000 - GC 43 - Editorial
Spring 2000 - GC 42 - Contents
Spring 2000 - Article by Jackie Gear on Food
Spring 2000 - Article by Malcolm Carroll: The True Food Tour:
Winter 99/00 - GC 41 - Editorial
Winter 99/00 - GC 41 - Contents
Contents of Autumn 1999 Green Christians
Summer 1999 Green Christians - Web Editorial
Summer 1999 Green Christians - Contents

Example Issue: No 34 Autumn 1997. This issue was put online as an example. It is now very much archive! Read the web editorial (above) to see how you can get hold of the latest edition of Green Christians.




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