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Tree Planting

Tree planting time of year
Late autumn and early spring is the time of year to plant trees.
Send off for CEL's leaflet on Commemorative trees.

Make sure that you are not planting trees on species rich grassland.. So often farmers are most keen to give up unproductive land, perhaps on slopes. Such unproductive slopes are often the most species rich grassland in an area. Productive land has had lots of fertilizer applied, so that only rapidly growing grasses such as ryegrass grow there, and the wildflowers have disappeared - so there will be less wildflower loss if you plant on productive land.

Laura Deacon (pictured above) writes: Later this winter, I and others from the local Anglican Church, Christ Church, Lancaster, will be planting native trees in the grounds (Rowan, Crab Apple, Hawthorn), with the help of a grant of 200 from Lancashire Environmental Action Fund. Two years ago LEAF gave us 150 to plant eight apple trees, of differing varieties. The people surrounding the church are pleased and will come to help with the planting. One person has donated 50. Good neighbourliness is planting trees!

Skipton Christian Ecology Group at Holy Trinity Parish Church have recently planted trees in Skipton with the help of the Parish Church primary school, some older pupils of Airveille County Secondary School and some people from Craven Woodland Trust.

Members of the public and members of the congregation supported the event with donations. The following two phrases caught peoples imaginations:

    Plant a tree in 2003

    Only a pound to put a tree in the ground
The children from the Primary school made a splendid poster display for the church
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