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Date added Item
July 2012 July Prayer Guide
June 2012 June Prayer Guide
May 2012 May Prayer Guide
Apr 2012 Try out the beta version of CEL's new website:-
Apr 2012 Rogation Services (13 May) and Lambing Services near you
Mar 2012 April Prayer Guide
Mar 2012 The Nature Conservation Importance of Brownfield sites
Mar 2012 Notes on talks by Jonathan Essex and Chris Sunderland
Mar 2012 Notes on talk by Mark Letcher
Mar 2012 Notes on Tim Gorringe's Talk & Workshorp at CEL Conference
Mar 2012 jpJonathan Porritt at CEL's 30th Anniversary Conference- 150 people - reports and pictures
Mar 2012 live below the lineLive below the Line- Can you live off £1 a day for food for 5 days?
Feb 2012 soh 2012CEL's Storm of Hope Brochure 2012
Feb 2012 CEL's Upcoming 30th Anniversary Conference - Press Release
Feb 2012 March Prayer guide
Feb 2012 Operation Noah Ash Wednesday Declaration - A Call to the Church
Feb 2012 Use your LoafPress Release: Living Life and LOAFing it
Feb 2012 LOAF Letter Campaign - ask churches and hotels to use LOAF food
Feb 2012 loaf displayHow to Make a LOAF Poster Display
Jan 2012 Peach-a-tnon24 Hour Preach-a-thon in Aid of Ringsfield Eco-centre, Beccles. Please sponsor - Update
Jan 2012 MarshallReport on 21 January CEL ecocell day at London
Jan 2012 February Prayer Guide
Jan 2012 Update of Environment Sunday page (3 June 2012)
Jan 2012 woodstoveEncouraging Story
Dec 2011 January Prayer Guide
Dec 2011 London: CEL ecocell day 21 Jan - All welcome. Workshops and intro to course on Sustainable Living. Speaker: George Marshall
Dec 2011 Press Release, Report and Pictures of Climate Prayers, vigil and rally at London on 3 Dec
Dec 2011 Hartley Wintney- the 4th church in the 100 churches - to donate extra to A Rocha Ghana by using the Big Give
Dec 2011 100 churches for habitats project
Dec 2011 Prayers to be said for Durban and Climate at St Paul's choral evensong on 3 Dec after London Climate Rally
Nov 2011 Barker Bexhill DurbanMinister - Fight hard for Climate in Durban
Nov 2011 Battle for the Planet in Bexhill - 26 Nov
Nov 2011 December Prayer Guide
Nov 2011 Report on CEL Annual Members' Meeting 19 Nov: and Workshop
Nov 2011 Climate Service and Rally on 3 December in London 2011
Nov 2011 GC72 front coverNew Issue of Green Christian - just published Winter 2011 issue 72
Nov 2011 rio posterNew Year's Resolution articles for 2012 for parish magazines - or to think about yourself. also Notes on Rio 2012 New Dates:-20-22 June and
Hyderbad 2012 - 1-19 Oct - UN Conv on Biol Diversity
Nov 2011 Green Pilgrimage Network launched at Assisi
Nov 2011 Treasure in the Field - Programme for CEL 2012 Conference in Bristol in March
Nov 2011 How bad is Christmas? 2nd Article for your Dec Parish Magazine
Nov 2011 GM Freeze AGM 2011 report
Oct 2011 CEL News-Email - 31 Oct
Oct 2011 Population Page updated
Oct 2011 Report and pictures of CEL Ringsfield retreat
Oct 2011 CEL Annual Members Meeting 19 Nov: details including workshop: What's the gospel for the Greens
Oct 2011 Poster for CEL Conference 10 March 2012 with Jonathon Porritt and Tim Gorringe:
Oct 2011 CEL at Bearing Witness, Manchester - asking the government to keep its green promises - Pictures
Oct 2011 How Good is insulating your loft?
Oct 2011 How Bad is Spending £1? - article for your Nov parish magazine
Sept 2011 October Prayer Guide - We invite you to print it and display it in your church
Sept 2011 Greenbelt 2011- Pictures and reports will be added here
Sept 2011 October Prayer Guide - We invite you to print it and display it in your church
August 2011 Greenbelt 2011- Pictures and reports will be added here
August 2011 September Prayer Guide
August 2011 How Bad is Cycling a Mile? - article for your Oct parish magazine
July 2011 August Prayer Guide - We invite you to print it and display it in your church
July 2011 How Bad is a Mug of Coffee?-
July 2011 Church goes Wild - Lichens event at Hurst Green Church near Clitheroe.
July 2011 Green prayer and sermon from Grassington
July 2011 Green Lectionary Notes Updated
June 2011 July 2011 Prayer guide now available
June 2011 Bishop Nick walks up Pen y Ghent to visit his Bradford diocese - and some of the flowers seen en route.
June 2011 How bad are volcanoes? Article for Parish Magazines
June 2011 Florence Nightingale, sewers, forests and the future - Report on talk at Operation Noah Conference on 6 June
May 2011 Contents of Green Christian 71 (Summer 2011)
May 2011 How bad are bananas? July Parish Magazine article
May 2011 Porritt at Cheltenham CEL
May 2011 June Prayer Guide
May 2011

Green Christian Summer 2011 Issue 71 (CEL's Magazine) will be distributed shortly. Associated with it are three articles printed online on this website:-
1. Sustaining Brampton: Social Ecumenism as Practised in an Era of Climate Change. - Lessons from Rural Cumbria - by By Revd Geoff Smith and Revd John Smith
Plant Insect-friendly plants by Rosemary Richardson and
3.Text of Peter Owen Jones talk 5/03/2011

May 2011 Press release:- Cheltenham CEL Talk by patron Jonathon Porritt 25 May
May 2011

CEL t-shirt at Climate Demonstration - No Back Tracking on Climate

May 2011 Light One Candle - June article for Parish Magazines
April 2011 Don't let go - article for May parish magazines - about balloons and Chinese lanterns
April 2011 May Prayer Guide
April 2011 Press Release: UK Energy Choices
March 2011 April Prayer Guide
March 2011

Please read this: Urge Cameron & Clegg to deliver on the Climate Act In the next two weeks...

March 2011 Text of Peter Owen Jones talk 5/03/2011
March 2011 Notes on Greening the Church Workshop
March 2011 Tim Cooper's Workshops on Green Economics
March 2011 Photos of the Age of Thorns conference on 5 March 2011
March 2011 Churches' Inaudible Whisper Against Environmental Destruction
Feb 2011 February's Grass of the month: Sheep's Fescue
Feb 2011 March Prayer Guide
Feb 2011 Peter Owen-Jones - The Green Shoots of Sustainability
Jan 2011 Press Release: Britain's Favourite TV Vicar Spills Happy News
Jan 2011 January's Grass of the month: Red Fescue
Jan 2011 Feb Prayer Guide
Jan 2011 Comment on: "Food production needs to double by 2030 / 2050 in order to feed the world. "
Jan 2011 Poster for CEL London Conference - Peter Owen Jones + Tim Cooper on 5 March. Please display at your church
Jan 2011 2011-UN Year of Forests and Tree Biodiversity
Dec 2010 January Prayer Guide
Dec 2010 December's Grass of the month Tufted Hair-grass
Dec 2010 CEL E-News 88
Dec 2010 Press Release on Climate service and march
Dec 2010 Pictures from Climate march
Dec 2010 Cancun and Climate Service
Dec 2010 December Prayer guide
Nov 2010 GMO page updated
Nov 2010 Report on GMO meeting
Nov 2010 Press Release:Waiting for Thermogeddon ? - London Climate Service and March -4 Dec
Nov 2010
Print and display poster
climate service
4 Dec
Nov 2010 AMM page updated with pictures of the Ecocell 2 workshop
Nov 2010 Give to change the world this Christmas - article for magazine (Dec 2010)
Nov 2010 November's Grass of the month: Purple Moor-grass
Oct 2010 November Prayer Guide
Oct 2010 All welcome at ecocell workshop at CEL AMM on Sat 6 Nov London
Oct 2010 CEL Climate Service 4 Dec London
Oct 2010 Grass of the month: False Oat-grass
Oct 2010 Why does CEL care about the environment? One Answer.
Oct 2010 Meet CEL Steering Committee
Oct 2010 What would Jesus buy?- article for Novem. magazines
Oct 2010 CEL-101010-Press Release
Sep 2010 October Prayer Guide
Sep 2010 Biodiversity and Nagoya -Presss release
Sep 2010

Grass of the month - Sept: Maize

Sep 2010

CEL Leaflets (pdf): New:
#Eco-check-up for churches.
Revised leaflets:
#Churches in Transition
, #Resources
#Use your LOAF

Sep 2010 Greenbelt Pictures
Aug 2010 Bradford Cathedral EcoCongregation Award +PV panels talk
Aug 2010 Sept Prayer Guide
Aug 2010 Grass of Month: July (Timothy) and August (Common Bent)
Aug 2010 Latest CEL-E-News
Aug 2010 Bell-Ringing for Biodiversity 22 Sep
Aug 2010 Operation Noah calls for oil-fast on 3 Oct
Aug 2010 Transition Towns
July 2010 August Prayer Guide
July 2010

Green Christian 69-Summer 2010
1. List of Contents
2. Editorial: Fossil Fools or Subversive Fools?
3. The Web of Life

July 2010 Shrinking the Footprint Conference 30 June 2010
July 2010 The BP oil disaster and us
June 2010 July Prayer Guide
June 2010 European Christian Meeting in Prague (ECEN)
June 2010 ECEN in Prague - by Martyn Goss
June 2010 Grass of month - Quaking grass
June 2010 Have a green summer!
May 2010 Recent News email
May 2010 Celebrating a Bio-diverse Environment Sunday 6 June 29.05.10
May 2010 Booking form for Ringsfield Retreat - Oct 2010
May 2010 June Prayer Guide
May 2010 Grass of Month - Meadow Foxtail
May 2010 Report on Climate Vigil of 15 May
April 2010 Recent News email
April 2010 May Prayer Guide
April 2010 Grass of the Month: Sweet Vernal-grass Anthoxanthum odoratum
April 2010 New Book - Climate and Christ - the Prophetic Alternative
April 2010 Carbon Fields - article for a church magazine
April 2010 Ask the Climate Question
March 2010 April Prayer guide
March 2010 Press Release - Churches in Transition and Transition Towns
March 2010 2010 Storm of Hope brochure
March 2010 Short "Tar Sands" article for a church magazine
March 2010 Grass of the month: Blue Moor-grass
March 2010 Ten Must-know Features of Cameroon (in West Africa) Wildlife and Womens World Day of Prayer
March 2010 March Prayer guide
Feb 2010 Grass of the month: the Reed
Feb 2010 Pictures from Scarborough "Churches in Transition" CEL Weekend
Feb 2010 Press Release after Scarborough
Feb 2010 Press Release: Trans Yorkshire Journey to CEL Transition Town Meeting
Feb 2010 Short article on Biodiversity for a church magazine
Feb 2010 New Hymn: Green Bottle Decade
Jan 2010 Feb Prayer Guide
Jan 2010 Short article on 10:10 for your church magazine
Jan 2010 Grass of the Month - January - Reed Canary Grass
Jan 2010 New year resolutions 2010
Jan 2010 CEL signs up to 10:10 campaign
Dec 2009 Jan Prayer Guide
Dec 2009 Post COP15 CEL News email
Dec 2009 Ruth Jarman's visit to Copenhagen
Dec 2009 Reports/blogs by people at Copenhagen now/recently
Dec 2009 Pictures of Vigils on 12 Dec
Dec 2009 CEL Pictures of the Wave
Dec 2009 Churches Wave Service P.Release
Dec 2009 CEL Resources leaflet
Nov 2009 New hymn "Mother Earth" written for Copenhagen
Nov 2009 Dec. Prayer Guide
Nov 2009 Churches say: Act now on Climate Change - press release -
Nov 2009 Copenhagen - Deal or No Deal?
Nov 2009 CEL Conference pictures
Nov 2009 Environment Issues Network (EIN) News
Nov 2009 Nov. Prayer Guide
Oct 2009 AoC at Southwark
Oct 2009 Practical advice on solar tiles - Baildon
Oct 2009 Worship in wellies
Oct 2009 Harvest hymn writing competition
Oct 2009 October CEL Prayer Guide
Sep 2009 Hartley Wintney prepares for Day of Prayer
Sep 2009 Churches in Transition
Sep 2009

Earth Heating- Article for church magazine

Sep 2009 Prayer - Article for church magazine
Sep 2009 Numbers- Article for church magazine
Sep 2009 Poster for Service and rally on 5 Dec
Sep 2009 Solar Panels put up at Cheltenham Methodist Church
Sep 2009 CEL at Greenbelt
Sep 2009 Sept Prayer Guide
Aug 2009 Climate change hymn
Aug 2009 Climate Camp Wales
Aug 2009 Oct 4 to be Day of Prayer
July 2009 August Prayer Guide
July 2009 Job advert: CEL Information Officer
July 2009 Copenhagen- a beginner's guide for churches
July 2009 Skipton Ark Stall
July 2009 Water - magazine article
July 2009 Coal - magazine article
July 2009 Stop Climate Chaos "Mili-band" around Kingsnorth
July 2009 July Prayer Guide
June 2009 Environment Sunday Services
June 2009 June Prayer Guide
May 2009 Catholic Consultation
Apr 2009 May Prayer Guide
Apr 2009 London G20 Climate Camp
Apr 2009 April Prayer Guide
Mar 2009 Put People First Lobby
Mar 2009 New EcoCongregation Coordinator
Mar 2009 WeCan Children's Lobby
Mar 2009 March Prayer Guide
Feb 2009 Vegetarianism
Feb 2009 Launch of Operation Noah "Ark" Campaign
Jan 2009 February Prayer Guide
Jan 2009 Christians join Heathrow 'Flashmob' to pray- 17 Jan
Jan 2009 Climate Rush at Heathrow
Jan 2009 CEL W/E Ringsfield 13-15 Feb
Jan 2009 Speaking skills
Jan 2009 Taking Old People on Nature Trips
Jan 2009 Get Fit and avoid obesity
Dec 2008

New Logo ---- Old Logo

CEL now has a new logo which will be used on its new publications. (e.g. Green Christian)

In due course the web pages will be changed to match the new logo. See Hymns and Street Lights - Even here, the pages are still being developed - Comments welcome.

For details on how to use the new logo see design guide

Dec 2008 Environment activity autumn 2008 - different denominations
Dec 2008 Omega Climate Change Course
Dec 2008 Milton Keynes -Pictures of CEL Conference
Nov 2008 Environment activity summer 2008 - different denominations
Nov 2008 Transition towns
Nov 2008 CEL Climate Service 6 Dec
Nov 2008 Dec. Mag. Article: Christmas
Oct 2008 CEL Climate Service 6 Dec
Oct 2008 Nov. Mag. Article: Advent
Oct 2008 Green Website awards
Oct 2008 October Prayer Guide
Sept 2008 October Mag. Article: Trees
Sept 2008 Review of Planetwise
Aug 2008 Greenbelt - 2008 - CEL stall and other events and pictures
Aug 2008 Carshalton environment Fair - CEL Stall
July 2008 Top Ten Reasons to invite your friends to visit CEL's website
July 2008 Food and Development
July 2008 Puppet play text -for Operation Noah Event
July 2008 Green Bradford Synod
July 2008 July Prayer Guide
June 2008 Green Christian - extended article on Population
May 2008 Script for short humourous play on pollution and global warming
May 2008 ecocell - a new CEL resource
May 2008 June Prayer Guide
May 2008 June parish magazine item
May 2008 May Prayer Guide
May 2008 Breastfeeding
May 2008 Eco-Spirituality ppt - free resource
Apr 2008 Links to CEL members websites
Apr 2008 Eco-Spirituality powerpoint - free resource
Apr 2008 LiveSimply
Mar 2008 Heathrow T5 protest
Mar 2008 Do the Maths- Travel - April magazine article
Jan 2008 Sean McDonagh at Bradford
Jan 2008 February Prayer Guide
Jan 2008
Bethesda Church EcoCong
Jan 2008
Lent Courses updated
Jan 2008 CEL delivers symbols to 10 Downing Street -press release and report on day.
Dec 2007
10 New Years Resolutions
Dec 2007
January Prayer Guide
Dec 2007 How to make a CEL display portable hanging leaflet holder or buy a very cheap counter stand.
Dec 2007 Climate March Pics 8 Dec
Dec 2007 Christmas - alternative etc
Dec 2007 Jan Magazine article
Nov 2007 Prayer guide as daily email
Nov 2007 Dec Prayer Guide 25/11
Nov 2007 Pictures from Lancaster Day
Nov 2007 New Hymn 5/11
Nov 2007 Advent/Resources 5/11
Nov 2007 Advent Resources/Kids/WFI
Nov 2007 Poster - 8 Dec Climate Service Nov 2007
Nov 2007 CEL Retreat 15-17 Feb
Oct 2007 Poster - 8 Dec Climate Service at London
Oct 2007 Nov Prayer Guide 26/11
Oct 2007 Dec. Magazine article 25/11
Oct 2007 Hymn added: For the beauty of the earth by S Redmond
Oct 2007 Hymn added: Lord of All Languages by A Bryant
Oct 2007 Bradford Energy Day - 13/10
Oct 2007 CEL Biodiversity/Wildlife pages 6/10
Oct 2007 Europe Women - Fourth Ecology Summer School 2007 .
Parish Magazine Article - Faithfulness.. 2/10
Sept 2007 Cath bishops at UK Parliament..
Isabel Carter's report of journey and events - EEA3 Sibiu
Ruth Conway's Summary of issues emphasised in the Creation Forum EEA3 Sibiu
Aug 2007 Cut the Carbon March - reports from Leeds (11 Aug) Huddersfield (13 Aug) and Birmingham (27 Aug)
Aug 2007 Heathrow Climate Camp and Protest
Aug 2007 Environmental Justice Conference and CEL Annual Members' Meeting 3 Nov 2007 Lancaster - Programme
July 2007 Report of Storm of Hope Conference
June 2007 Sixth hymn added: Creator God
May 2007 Fifth Hymn added: The Earth is the Lord's
May 2007 New Season of Creation Notes for use in September 2007
(Ocean, Fauna, Storm and Cosmos Sundays)
May 2007 Going Green? - The Christian Way leaflet now online
May 2007 Kidzone - pages for children and young people
Apr 2007 CEL's new vision statement
Apr 2007 Fourth Hymn added - Entwining circles
Mar 2007 Details of "Storm of Hope" 7 July - CEL to celebrate 25 years.
Feb 2007 Operation Noah Press Release
Feb 2007 Article by Mark Dowd - On the Vatican and climate change
Feb 2007 Hymn page - links to hymns
Feb 2007 Hymn written for Creation Sunday 2007 - Feb 11- : The Glory of Creation
Jan 2007 VideoClip Page
Jan 2007 Lent Courses
Dec 2006 Operation Noah appoints Anne Pettifor as Campaign Director
Nov 2006 I Count Stop Climate Chaos Rally 4 Nov
Mar 2006 Faith and Power Report: (Non-Nuclear energy a "Moral Imperative", say Church Leaders Summary | Press Release | Report 26 March
Mar 2006 Stop Climate Chaos Carbon Dating Event
Jan 2006 EcoTeams
Dec 2005

Prayers for the Planet Climate Service at Hinde Street, London 3 Dec

Ruth Jarman's Speech at Climate Change March 3 Dec

Sept 2005 Join CEL's Community of Prayer
July 2005 Operation Noah - Climate Justice - Video launched on 9 July
May 2005 Prayers for hope in the face of climate change
April 2005 The following CEL leaflets re now available Online - so print a few out and put them in your church: Biodiversity, Ethical Investment, Green Shopping, Holidays and Tourism, Use your LOAF , Vegetarianism ,and water
April 2005 Sample letter to MP and Action Tips on Climate Change
April 2005 Anglican Page added to CEL's website - includes Archbishop of C's environment question for party leaders on 31 March - and link to C of E's own environment section on their website
Feb 2005 The Environment Motion that was passed at Synod on 17 Feb
Feb 2005 Read CEL's Briefing to Synod
14 Feb CEL Press release: Briefing to Synod
on Synod environment Motion.
Feb 2005 CEL Press Release on Kyoto and The Cool Church Toolkit. The Tool kit helps churches to calculate their annual contribution to climate change, and take steps to reduce it.
Jan 2005 page describing CEL membership categories
Jan 2005 Sean McDonagh publishes new book: The Death of Life: The Horror of Extinction
Oct 2004 Operation Noah Launch - CEL Conference 9 Oct 2004 Press Release and pictures
May 2004 JustShare Report -churches May Day event in the City of London
Apr 2004 The Methodist Church has signed a new energy contract which will provide electricity from renewable sources to Methodist Church House, London. . A cost increase of approximately 10 per cent will be covered by the Church's 'going green' budget. More..
Mar 2004 Two of the most popular Operation Noah Resource documents, (already online as doc files) have now been added as web pages:
Climate change - call to conversion and
What can Christians do?
Feb 2004 Feb 2004 CEL Press Release on GMOs
Nov 2003 Global Warming Report on Nov 19th's event at St James Piccadilly with Michael Meacher, Aubrey Meyer, John Oliver and Michael Grubb
May 2003 Green Christians 51: Editorial, Contents and article by Bruce Kent: The Missing Link Bruce Kent asks why war and militarisation are so often ignored in discussions of the environment and of development
April 2003 Leaflet describing the forthcoming CEL weekend on 30 May - 1 June at Rathmell, North Yorkshire. This is for members and others. Activities will include walks in the countryside, discussions, green Christian Songs, Environment friendly food, a chance to meet others.
March 2003 Link added to excellent Prayer and Liturgy material provided as doc file by ECEN for Creation Time 2003.
Feb 2003
Press Release 25 Feb 03 Energy White Paper "Courageous but built on sand"

Press Release 15 Feb 03: Iraq, Just Wars and Environmental Criteria
New prospectus for Operation Noah

Jan 2003 Sample letter to Tony Blair about Iraq
A Briton in Johannesburg - The Personal Story Of A Delegate At The World Summit by Terry Miller

Dec 2002 Special 50th edition of Green Christians gives the Christian angle on The World Summit on Sustainable Development. The contents and the Editorial are given on this website.
It is now possible to subscribe online for Green Christians by using INK
Nov 2002 The Christmas 2002 Issue of ChurchLink can be downloaded now (175kb pdf fle). We invite you to print it out and display it at your church.
It contains a Christmas reflection from Archbishop Rowan Williams; a church magazine article on post-Christmas waste; a prayer from CEL's monthly Prayer Diary; and news of a special issue of CEL's magazine Green Christians.

Oct 2002 Read CEL's October contribution in the public debate on the commercialisation of GM Crops:
Membership Form updated to include Standing Order Form and Gift Aid Form
The Common Declaration on Environmental Ethics signed by Pope John Paul II and Bartholomew I, the Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch

Green Christians, CEL's magazine needs new editor. Could it be you?
October 18: Church plans to use photovoltaic tiles in church hall roof.
Report on Rainbow Promise, a five day Environment Event at Liverpool Cathedral at the end of September
Concern over USA asking Church to intervene in use of GMOs in food aid in Africa - Oct 2002 - Letter to socially concerned Church groups

Here's a CEL ecological article you may like to use in your November Parish Magazine
October: New local CEL group starts at Sheffield
Report on the Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals Service at Liverpool 5 Oct

Sept 2002 Your Church and Local Sustainability - A Briefing Note Download this A5 leaflet - added to Resources Page
Stafford Borough Council produces Faith for the Future LA21 Action Pack (Index page)
Development and Peace A Canadian Catholic organisation have produced useful material on Bio-patenting (Weblinks page)
CEL Press Release 4 Sept 2002: Change in values needed following disappointing world summit:

Parish Magazine Article:Johannesburg - What does it mean for us? (October)
Selly Oak Methodist Church produce leaflet on Recycling
Portuguese page
Aug 2002 Download the Creation Time 2002 dossier (1 Sept-mid Oct) produced by ECEN (European Christian Environment Network). This has a special Earth Summit Section
Article by Tim Cooper (CEL Chairman) on the website
Christian Aid says "Big business must be regulated" - 20/08/02
Read this important report online
CEL's Information Note on: Health Risks and Mobile Phone Masts
July 2002 A link has been put to the Churches' Earth Summit Briefing paper Please put a link to this briefing from your website too, if you have one.
John Gummer's talk on Sustainable consumption at CEL's conference on 6 July is reported
as is Sir John Houghton's talk at the same meeting: Global Warming: a challenge to Christians' lifestyles?
May 2002 The website has now been put on a new server and all pages can be referred to individually: e.g.
A new page about Operation Noah has been added. It is possible to get details about CEL's conference
March 2002 Agenda21 page added. Also the daily prayer guide is now added each month, and is also downloadable in booklet form
EARTH SUMMIT page added. Also notes on UNED preparatory meeting on 22 Jan
CEL's Prayer Guide gives a prayer, or ecological thought or fact for the day each day of the month and is compiled by Philip Clarkson Web. People have been able to subscribe and get the printed prayer diary for several years, but this November we have a trial online and downloadable form of the diary.

Ecological Notes to the Common Worship Lectionary - by Keith Innes
Introduction and Index to weeks so far put on line The notes are being added in serial form, week by week.

November 2000 WCC, CEC, CCEE, ECEN, CTE, EIN, ICC, ACTS, Cytun, Churches Together in Our-Town, : Ecumenical bodies, denominations, local churches and Care of the Environment - A guide to how these organisations and you and your church are related.

October 2000 CEL's Millennium Conference held on 21 October which was attended by 300 people. This page includes pictures of the conference

The Climate change page had been added

March 2000 Creation time is the title of the newest web page just created on the CEL website. This describes the resolution at the ECEN conference, that churches should observe the period from September 1st to the second Sunday of October as a period of celebration of the Creator and Creation.

A link has been made so that it is now possible to Search this site

Feb 2000 A link was made to the Priests and People web page, since the February Edition of this Magazine deals specifically with the environment
Jan 2000 Tourism is the title of the newest web page just created on the CEL website. Find out about air pollution caused by planes, and some of the problems experienced in third world countries.. and first world countries by the development of tourism.

The Catholic Resources page with ideas sent in by the Catholic team has been set up. Contributions welcome

Pictures and a report of the European Christian Environmental Network conference held in October 1999

December 1999 Falmouth Baptist Church and Chipping Sodbury Baptist Church are the first two Baptist churches to gain millennium certificates...

The Catholic Resources page with ideas sent in by the Catholic team has been set up. Contributions welcome

Pictures and a report of the European Christian Environmental Network conference held in October 1999

Aug 18 1999 Denby Dale Methodist Church (West Yorkshire) and Settle Northern Friends Peace Group (North Yorkshire) will both shortly be receiving CEL Millennium Certificates and pages describing their activities have been added
Aug 1 1999 Should the Church of England allow trials of genetically modified crops on its land?
A Response by Christian Ecology Link

This paper has been referred to directly or indirectly in articles in papers such as the Independent, the Church Times and The Methodist Recorder
June 20 1999 A section CEL Members' Websites has been added to the Weblinks page. If you are a CEL member with a private website you think may be of interest to people visiting CEL's website, do contact us
May 15 1999 Web Editorial of Summer 1999 Green Christians
Contents List of Summer 1999 Green Christians
Mar 13 1999 A Sitemap for this web site is included. This is a much more detailed index than the Homepage
Mar 1 1999 A Methodist Resources page has been added, written by CEL's Methodist Denominational Team
Jan 21 1999 There is now a link to the journal Ecotheology 's web site (Before it was just a link to their email number) The site lists the articles that are in its journal. (N.B. Added in 2009: Ecotheology is now called Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture)
Dec 5th 1998 The account of the London Churches Conference on the environment at Southwark on 28th November has been added. This has big pictures.
Oct 24 1998 The News Page has been added. News will be added to the page as events happen.
Oct 15 1998 Pages in four other languages have been provided which can be accessed from the index page: Welsh, German, French and Italian. They are summaries of some of the main activities of CEL. They are not identical. The Welsh page (Cymraeg) is based on our long English introductory leaflet.
Comments are welcome.
Oct 14 1998 On the Resources Page:
  • Material for School Assemblies at the Hibbert Trust Site
  • Description of Nature Conservation leaflets available from the Church and Conservation Project at the Arthur Rank Centre
  • The Words for Rogation Service.. an outdoor service held by the Anglican Church in Springtime
Aug 24 1998

Press Release About the forthcoming presentation of the second CEL millennium certificate (and first Certificate to an Anglican group) to the "On the Edge" Youth Group at Skipton on Sept 6th

Link to the The Resolutions the bishops made at the Lambeth Conference - on Creation and The Environment

Aug 14 1998 Resources of other organisations:
Going for Green (Now called Encams in 2002) have an excellent game/quiz called EcoCal which can be downloaded from The Future Centre's site: BestFootForward. You fill in scores for your family's household for transport, water use, waste etc and get a final score
Aug 10 1998 ChurchLink pages are added to CEL's Web Site



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